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Sunday, June 10!h saw the outside temp­erature in the low 90*s...however, the low humidity and nice breeze, resulted in a very enjoyable Sunday cruise to Millie's Restaurant in Delavan, Wl. After a superb breakfast, the ladies had some shopping time, while the guys sat around outside and traded exaggerated stories (cars). At 11:45, we left Millie's for a cruise through downtown Lake Geneva, and headed north to the Trolley Museum in East Troy. Our trolley car, # 1583, was built around 1910, and saw its service in Minneapolis. We rode #1583 for 5-miles to the Elegant Farmer (historic large farm food store) for more shopping, then the 5-mile ride back museum depot. Those that could not re­sist, walked across the tracks to an old fashioned ice-cream parlor, where they enjoyed some great cool-off treats.

Club members enjoying the day were: Dan Anderson, Tom & Judy Bruin, Laura & Mike Cieienski, Joel Greenberg, Gail Hascek, Bob & Helen Hoge, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Jerry & Doreen Michna, Ron Pavlak, Doug & Soon Hee Rogers, Jerry & Joan Schellin, Ken and Kathy Srnizinski, Len & Irene Vinyard, Jim Wilson and Tom & Alice Wolfe.

And we had Fun, Fun Fun, etc.

- Bob and Helen Hoge



On a warm and sunny afternoon, twenty-one club members met at a favorite spot for lunch -Culver's. After lunch, we rode in a caravan to see Ed and Judy Schoenthaler's Classic auto collection. We drove our own little classics, and we caused quite a few heads to turn as we motored to our destination. Ed and Judy Schoenthaler have been actively involved in the automobile hobby for over 40 years. The "stars" in this show start as early as their 1919 Paige Daytona Speedster and go all the way through the Classic era to a 1957 Dual Ghia. The car collection consists of specimens in perfect running condition Ed started up several engines to show and excite the group. These award-winning beauties have been exhibited at Pebble Beach, Meadow Brook, Amelia Island and the close in Geneva Concours. In addition to the automobile displays, we were shown a collection of rare vintage wind up toys, a large and impressive model train exhibit and memorabilia such as miniature cars of all series. There were also Disney collectibles, and of all things, a Teddy Bear exhibit encompassing an entire room. This collection belongs to a Schoenthaler family member.

It was an impressive afternoon and Ed and Judy were our very gracious hosts. Ed and

Judy were presented a framed picture of a 1932 Duesenberg Phaeton to show our

appreciation to them for spending the time to give us a great tour. Note: Bert Eisenhour

supplied the exquisite picture and Prez Pete made certain it was framed to showcase the lithograph

Those members in attendance:

Dan Anderson, Pete and Lisa Eksktrom, Bob and Helen Hoge, Larry and Karen Kelly, Pete and Marylu Kramer, Mike Pavlak, Jerry Peterson, Dave Pogorski, Ken and Josh

Smizinski, Lloyd and Joan Schellin, Len and Jeff Vinyard, Jim Wilson and Joe and Jeanette Wintz

- Marylu Kramer

Bristol Renaissance Faire


Saturday, July the 14th, saw the CTCC drive up north to Bristol, Wisconsin, to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. We met at the Lake Forest oasis before heading up to the Faire. We met several people there, including Joel and Annie. My brother and I were in my Grandpa's Thunderbird. There were several Thunderbirds in the procession or at least it appeared so to me; I am not used to seeing five or more classic Thunderbirds lined up in a row! At any rate, more Thunderbirds joined us as we made our way toward Bristol. Once we arrived, we were greeted by two guides handing out maps (in a competitive fashion - always funny!). We then entered the Faire.

My Grandpa, my brother and I were quickly drawn to the different shops and displays they had. I was surprised at the amount of detail the costumes had as well as the number of people dressed in them. From real chain mail to the elaborate bard costumes, they were extravagant, to say the least. They also spoke with an English accent and with fervor, which made them all seem almost as if they were from 16th century England. One of the highlights was watching a man melt glass and make figurines. They were incredibly detailed, and the process was fascinating.

We soon stopped at a show. A gypsy juggled flaming batons, knives, and hats, which was interesting to watch. Another show had a tight-rope walker; a different show had acrobats, who performed acts which looked as if they would kill themselves. And of course there was the Mud Show, in which the "beggars" dragged themselves through a mud pit. All of the shows were laced with witty humor. For much of the day we watched as the actors humiliated themselves, balanced themselves precariously upon each other, or ate mud!

We bought a few souvenirs. My brother and I each bought a wooden sword, dagger and shield to spar with - Mom was thrilled. They had many other things for sale as well as costumes for rent. The food there was good. I had a gyro, with several toppings I usually don't have, but it tasted good. My brother had curly fries with cheese that were very good as well. My Grandpa had a brat that I can only assume was good.

Overall, we had a great time. It is hard to ask for much more from a Renaissance Faire! Thanks, Grandpa, for taking us!

Lucas and Nick Peterson

Members who were present included Tom and Judy Bruin, Len and Mary Keil, Larry and Karen Kelly, Pete Kramer, Annie Luginbill and Joel Greenberg, Jerry Peterson (with authors Lucas and Nick), Ken Smizinski, Doug and Soon Rogers (with nephew David), and Bob and Sue Wenderski. (Gordon Gluff came later but was not part of 'the procession.')

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Johnsburg "Suafen ein Spiel" Parade and Festival

Attention club members.  The Village of Johnsburg is hosting their annual  "Suafen ein Spiel" Parade, Sunday Sept. 9. 2012.  We have been invited to be the “official” parade cars at this event.  We need 12 cars, tops off, to transport village officials in the parade. 

Johnsburg may be  a small village, but this event and the parade is BIGGGGGGGG. You will be amazed  at the people attending. This would be a fun  day-trip/outing for interested club members.  Following the parade we will enjoy their festival including music, beer, food and camaraderie. 

The parade details are as follows:
  • Parade will start at 12:30.
  • Parade is approximately one mile.
  • There will be the ever present fire trucks, horses, farm vehicles, etc.

As an added "bonus" the parade organizers are planning to feature our cars in a mini car show, T-Birds only, after the parade.  This is a great opportunity to come out in force and show off our cars, so please plan on attending this event.

More complete details will be in the August Bird News.

Please RSVP to  Len Keil  at  815-759-8763