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Editors Notebook- January 2008

THE CTCC CALENDAR FOR 2008 now commands our attention, as we pay a final tribute to the many activities in 2007.Thanks to the many members who contributed articles, photos and other items of interest for publication in Bird-News during 2007. A SPECIAL note of appreciation to Bob Hoge, who has enabled us to provide high-quality color-photos in our newsletter!

photo caption: CTCC President Ken Smizinski, at left, presents member Bob Hoge with The Bert Eisenhour Award for 2007 at the annual Holiday Party December 8th.

The first CTCC event for the New Year is set for January 27th at The Willowbrook Ballroom. (Look for details in the December News.) The ever-popular FREE Pizza Party at Jake's Pizza Is scheduled for February 14th. (See Pg. 10.) We are receiving more details on the 48 In '08 13,000-mile Tour that is planned to start in August. The latest information appears on page 9. While only a few CTCI members will make the entire route, Chapter Clubs are invited to join in for any portion of the 2-month long event. If you are interested in participating for 1, 2, or 3-days In August, please e-mail me with your preferences. The group will arrive in Springfield, IL at 2:46 p.m. on Thursday, August 21st. (Refer to page 6 in the December, 2007 issue of Bird-News for the scheduling in our area.)

In scanning the Barrett-Jackson catalog for their upcoming auction (January 12-20, 2008), I note that the 64 pages devoted to registered vehicles include: (3) 1955, (5) 1956 and (12) 1957 T-Birds. Three (3) of the '57s are "E" 'Birds (Dual-Quad with 270 hp - "E" production in 1957 was less than 1,500 units.)

Beginning with the February issue, we will feature a cover color-photo of your classic Thunderbird, together with the story on your purchase/restoration, etc., of the two-passenger 'Bird. Submit your photo via an e-mail attachment - or mail a quality print - together with your write-up.

Announcing the Winner of The Bert Eisenhour Award for the year 2007: Congratulations to Bob Hoge!

As a reminder, if you haven't paid your Dues for 2008, this will be your last issue of Bird-News.

-- Bert Eisenhour, Ed., Bird-News

Smoky Mountain T-Bird Club

Subject: T-Bird SmokeyNewsletter Dec 2007.pdf

Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 11:12:17 -0500
From: pa310@charter.net
To: BEBluebird@aol.com
CC: swiftlychs@aol.com

Hi Bert,

I thought you would enjoy the first edition of our T-B Newsletter here in the Knoxville area as published by Charlie Nelson [email above].

We are an "all electronic" newsletter club and our first edition went quite smoothly. I am sure, as editor of "Bird News" with the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland you can appreciate the tremendous effort needed to get us started.

We hope to officially name our CTCI "in waiting" chapter in early January but like the Smoky Mountain Classic Thinderbord Club as it is descriptive to the cars, the area, and short enough to catch on over time.

Merry Christmas to you and Jane. Say "HI" to everyone in CTCC.


Editor's Note: Perry Anthony may have been thinking of food (a Smorgasbord?) when he mis-typed Thunderbird as Thinderbord in the above? The publication is very well done!

Rarin' to go!

There's a touch of Thunderbird in every Ford . . . you can see it . . . you can feel it!

Rarin' to go . . .

Not only does Ford look like the Thunderbird,
it behaves like it too, with Trigger-Torque performance!

A car doesn't always need to take off and travel like a well hit golf ball! But, it's a nice, secure feeling to know your Ford has the Trigger-Torque "up-and-at-em" to do it, should emergency dictate. And it's also great having a car that looks like it's rarin' to go! Ford's long, low Thunderbird like lines say "action" in every detail. Such things are especially wonderful when they come at Ford's low prices!

... and going more places!

More and more you see Fords in front of homes where formerly costlier cars were parked!

It's a real satisfaction to know you're piloting a car that's the pride and joy of discriminating owners from Maine to California. And even if you do have the money to burn, there's something else about a Ford that will tickle your good business sense. Manufacturer's suggested list prices show that, for about the same cost as plain "do-it-youself" models of higher priced makes, you can have a distinguished Ford Fairlaine with Fordomatic Drive, power steering and brakes, power seat and windows . . . in fact, the works! No wonder so many are going for Ford.

America's "worth more" car.

-- Ford advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post.

Pizza Party Membership Meeting Feb 14th 2008



JAKE'S PIZZA 302 W. Northwest Highway, Mt. Prospect, IL (847) 392-3070 Northwest Highway - 2 blocks West of Rte. 83

AGENDA: FANTASTIC PIZZA! - CTCC Budget for 2008 to be presented by: Bob Hoge


In Memoriam

It is with regret that we note the untimely passing of former CTCC member, Bill Neff.

Bill and Tish joined CTCC In August 1989 and Bill served as our Club Treasurer from Oct. 1990 thru Oct. 1995. The Neffs were members of CTCC for some 14 years. Bill eventually sold his 1957 Bronze T -Bird to the Jurkonies. Bill's perpetual smile could brighten most any gathering; it was a distinctive quality of his personality.

Our condolences to Tish and the family as we share In their loss.

The CTCC Holiday Party Tale

Chandler's Resturant in Schaumburg saw one of the largest gatherings of CTCC members in recent memory, as we celebrated the Season together on Saturday, 12/8/2007. Members came not only from Illinois, but also from Indiana and Wisconsin, making this truly a tri-state event!

photo caption: Members are buzzing with holiday spirit at the annual CTCC Holiday Party. More pictures from the event are at the CTCC9.com Photos Page.

Prior to dinner, we found our place-tags, thoughtfully created from Motorcraft oil filters by the Smizinski family, and sociaIized to the Holiday tunes that Bob Hoge was playing on his accordion/synthesizer. Our tables were decorated with centerpieces made by Liz Werth (comprising wrapped packages with M & Ms in goblets and ornamental form) and small squeezable flashlights donated by Bob Hoge.

Dinner saw us eating either chicken or beef entrees and assorted other comestibles. Once we were through dining, Ken Smizinski acted as emcee and, after we had done a "straw vote" about CTCC holding a Regional Convention in 2009 (results to be announced at a later date), called out names for the numerous door prizes that were donated for the party. The Bert Eisenhour award for 2007 was then awarded to Bob Hoge in recognition of his many recent contributions to CTCC.

The final item on the agenda, before Bob resumed his musical activities, was Bert's auction of an ErtI/Precision 100 1:18 die-cast 1957 Thunderbird (the ErtI company had used Pete Ekstrom's 1957 'Bird as the "star" attraction for its impressive display at the Intemational Model & Hobby Expo in Sept. 2001). The ErtI model was won by Steve Davajon; his $100 winning bid will be sent to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Then the group, having filled its collective stomach, went on to more socializing, with people dancing, taIking, and imbibing until it was time to go home.

Participants: Jim and Elaine Axelsen, Otto and Judy Bruggenthies, Bob and Marcy Burhop, Steve Davajon, Bert and Jane Eisenhour, Pete and Lisa Ekstrom, Gordon Gluff with guest Mary, Mary Ann Graziano and Paul Ureche, Joel Greenberg and Annie Luginbill, Art and Gail Hascek, Laura Hascek and Mike Cielenski, Bob and Helen Hoge, Larry Johnson, Len and Mary Keil, Larry and Karen Kelly, Joe and Sandy Kraatz, Pete and Marylu Kramer, Paul and Ursala Mounts, Dan and Joan Mrozek, Perry and Cynthia O'Kano, Dave and Mary Jane Osborne, Jerry and Pat Peterson, Dave and Marian Pogorski, Lloyd and Joan Schellin, Gary and Debbie Smithe, Ken and Kathy Smizinski, Bob Sroka and guest Denise, Bill and Bonnie Thelen, Len and Irene Vinyard, Bob and Sue Wenderski, Bill and Liz Werth, Joe and Jeanette Wintz, Tom and Alice Wolfe, and Joe and Madeline Zambon.

-- Annie Luginbill

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48 in '08 - January update

It's hard to believe, but in less then six (6) months, we'll be cruisin' in our Classic Thunderbirds to all 48 contiguous state capitals!

photo caption: "Lucy and Doc, Betsy Bird and Chick Magnet, on Santa Monica Pier."

The 48 in 08 tour website has been updated; the following have been added to the site:
Registration Form
Caravan Guidelines
Car Signage Information
Jan-Feb Newsletter
We're adding another 'option' to the tour. We'll be in Madison, WI, the same time as the annual Birds in the Dells. If the tour participants are interested, they can take part in some of the Birds in the Dells activities. A registration form for Birds in the Dells should be available from this year's organizers, the Southern Wisconsin Classic T-Bird club, in another month or so. The event will be headquartered at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton, WI.

Interest in the 48 in 08 tour is ever increasing. Another T-Birder recently expressed interest in driving his classic for the entire tour. T-Birders driving part of the tour have surpassed 20 and at least 18 CTCI chapters are interested in meeting the 48 in 08 participants when we're in their area.

It is going to be a T-Birder summer around the country!

For more information on 48 in '08, contact organizers:
Lucy Clark, 714-630-4066
Doc Dockter, 650-591-5939
or, send an e-mail to: 48in08@earthlink.net

48 in 08 Tour information at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~48in08

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