Monday, September 17, 2012

Johnsburg Parade

Everyone loves a parade and the village of Johnsburg is no exception! Their annual German celebration of "Saufen and Spiel" prompted a number of T-Birds from our club to volunteer driving some prominent village officials in their parade. Everyone who volunteered met at the home of Len and Mary Keil. As the morning was quite sunny with very crisp temperatures, most of us drove to Johnsburg with the tops on the cars. When everyone arrived at the Keil home, there was ample time to remove a couple of hardtops and put the softops down. Then there was time for a cup of coffee and a piece of coffeecake. Departure time came at 11:45 and eleven T-Birds drove into town for the lineup. The parade was scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. Once the cars were in place, we girls got our lawn chairs and headed down the street to watch the parade. Helen, Soon Hee, Mary, Judy, Joan, and Kathy were the spectators joining the crowd of people already lined up along the parade route.

The parade began with the honor guard, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles. Our wonderful T-Birds followed with the fire chief, police chief, village president, and the village trustees. The Thunderbirds made a spectacular show of color as they drove passed us. The parade also consisted of many town sports teams, martial art students, gymnastic groups, bands, some Cadillac convertibles, and of course tractors. The parade ended with a pair of black Clydesdale horses hitched to a red wagon. Lots of candy was thrown from the parade participants, and it was a beautiful day for this event.

After completing the parade route, the cars were on display on the ball diamond and drew a lot of attention! We made on our way back to the Keil’s home about 2:00 p.m. Everyone enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs along with some tasty side dishes. The following participated in the outing: Dan Anderson, Tom and Judy Bruin, Gordon Gluff, Joel Greenberg, Art Hahl, Bob and Helen Hoge, Len and Mary Keil, Pete Kramer, Doug and Soon Hee Rogers, Lloyd and Joan Schellin, Ken and Kathy Smizinski.

Submitted by Joan Schellin