Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Downers Grove Cruise Night

Cruise Night in Downers Grove

It was a perfect evening for the Downers Grove Cruise Night in Downtown Downers Grove. The featured cars for the evening were "Thunderbirds". Members started arriving around 4pm at Curtiss Street which is the designated area for the featured cars. Though Curtiss Street is not closed down, parking spaces are saved as regular visitors leave. Thank you to those who helped block spaces for our clubs t-birds.  Our club had 16 thunderbirds participate, of which 13 were baby birds.   There were also 10 other thunderbirds participating, some from other Chicago area Thunderbird Clubs. Club members feasted on pizza from Angelo's as they were able to mingle on the sidewalk by their cars. During the evening, some club members walked around  town viewing the rest of the car show and or to shop in the stores.  At the end of the evening the Car Show Committee handed out a trophy for Best Featured Car.  Congratulations to Judy Bruin whose t-bird won. Way to go Judy!

Thank you to all the club members who came out that night to either show their t-bird or to just socialize. Those who attended the event were:  Rich & Pam Blanchard, Lee & Gina Bakakos, Tom & Judy Bruin, Mike & Laura Cielenski, Pete & Lisa Ekstrom, Joel Greenberg, Gail Hascek, Pete & Marilou Kramer, Steve Kramer, Len & Mary Keil, Larry & Karen Kelly, Bud & Cindy Kryszak, Mike Pavlak, Ron Pavlak, Ken Smizinski, Len & Irene Vinyard, Liz Werth  and Jim Wilson.   

Laura Cielenski