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Editor's Notebook - Dec 2007

THE FINAL EVENT ON THE CTCC CALENDAR FOR 2007 is the Annual Holiday Party at Chandler's Restaurant on December 8th. We then welcome in Winter and the New Year (OK, at least the latter) with the first CTCC event set for January 27th at the Willowbrook Ballroom. Check for the particulars that appear on page 10. Pete and Marylu Kramer have planned this unique outing. The ever-popular FREE Pizza Party is scheduled for February 14th.

The approach of the New Year brings with it your DUES RENEWAL. Madeline Zambon, our Membership Chair, would like to receive your payment prior to Jan. 1, 2008.

Thanks to Joel Greenberg for submitting the Eastwood catalog which featured a '56 T-Bird on the cover. The 'Bird photo is reproduced on the rear-cover of this issue.

Also, our thanks to Annie Luginbill for providing still another edition of "License Plates With A Message" - see the listing that appears on page 7.

While there are many write-ups on the topic of Winter Storage for collector cars, we draw on an excellent article that appeared in the THUNDERBIRD Scoop in the Oct./Nov. 1990 issue - page 8.

Having previously mentioned the "48 in 08" event scheduled for 2008, we herein present a section of the route which precedes and follows the group's visit to Springfield, Illinois on August 21st. See page 6 for the schedule and map information. Perhaps CTCC can participate in a portion of the trip, which is designed to visit 48 State Capitols in 59 days - and travel a total of 13,065 miles!!! Visit the website for info and detailed routing.

Check out your (neighbor's?) garage: A 1953 Corvette sold for $440,000 at the Hilton Head Sports & Classic Car Auction on November 3rd! ('53 Vette production was a mere: 315 units.)

Happy Holidays from the Officers, Directors, and Membership of C.T.C.C.

-- Ed., Bird-News

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

A January event for the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland and Classic T-Bird Owners Cub of the Chicago South Suburbs

Put On Your Dancing Shoes!!!

Sunday, January 27th 2008 (no football games are scheduled)
1:00pm to 4:30pm

Willowbrook Ballroom
8900 Archer Avenue
Willow Springs, Illinois

$25.00 per person includes
"CBS" Family Style Meal
(chicken, beef, sausage, sides, mash potatoes, dessert)

Cash Bar

And dancing to the Teddy Lee Big Band!

For details: Pete or Marylu Kramer (630) 986-1277
Send checks made out to Pete Kramer:
560 W. 58th Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521

Must have final count by January 7th, 2008.

Snow Bird

INSPIRED BY THE COVER PHOTO ON THE NOV./DEC. ISSUE OF EARLY BIRD, I offer the above view of my original '57 as a reminder of things to come. True, we no longer drive our classic T-Birds during the winter when roads in the Midwest are salt-laden. It was a different story when this photo snowscape was set-up for the camera lens in 1958.

The snow-scene did provide a moment of panic standing on the icy Fox River. As I framed the 'Bird in the snow setting, my right-leg broke through the ice! Since I was positioned in deep snow, my escape was no easy task. Due to the relatively remote location that I had chosen, there was no one to help me out of my predicament! Fortunately, I was finally able to extricate myself from the icy grasp of the river.

The photo reveals what might appear to be "weak" rear-springs, however, winter driving (without winter tires) was aided via a 100lbs. steel weight placed in the trunk!

-- Ed., Bird-News

Very Special People

I wanted to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and caring you put into it.

You're all very special people.

Thank you!
Bob Sroka

Plates With A Message

Once again we enjoy the clever license plates, as collected by our mobile reporter and tag spotter Annie Luginbill.

GRAM OF 4 -- Toyota
HEMI RT 1 -- Dodge Magnum
WIN WIN 2 -- Range Rover
IT COST -- Cadillac
COURTYD -- Lexus
HYDRGEN -- Volvo
AIM ME -- Mercedes
MOOZIK -- Acura
TWO B ME 2 -- Hyundai
O SUZIE Q -- Explorer
Z CADLAC -- Cadillac
AIR OIL -- Grand Marquis
WANDAZZ -- Mazda
TEMTED 1 -- Mazda
CHKAGO 1 -- Lincoln
DANCER -- Oldsmobile
ON DA GO -- Equinox
JUICES -- Oldsmobile
THE D MAN -- Audi
H2O SKI -- Sable
WOMBAT -- Pilot
SAVE EM -- Mercedes
MID WIF 1 -- Lexus
I SEE YOU -- Volvo
GO ABE GO -- Lexus
YLLW SUB -- Toyota
TEE N WIZ -- GMC Jimmy
KNOBBY 1 -- GMC Jimmy
RAW CHEF -- Honda
DOG DAD 2 -- Quest
MONARK 1 -- Toyota
PUP MOM 1 -- Blazer
FAXING 1 -- Impala
TITANS 2 -- Pontiac
YOU D MAN -- Mercedes
ASHES -- Elantra
MOM CPA -- Jaguar
MY SAGE -- Volvo
SCLPTOR -- Pontiac
GUD FUN -- Pontiac
NICE MOM -- Lexus
FRE DOM -- Avalon
COVER UP -- Camaro
JET RINK -- Jeep
BTAFLY 1 -- Mustang
FACTOR 1 -- Maxim
FUN KAT 2 -- Volvo

Even Dreamier ... Even Newer

Even dreamier - even newer...
. . . Ford THUNDERBIRD for '56

The newest version of America's most thrilling dream-car-come-true is here...

. . . ready and waiting to take you places as you've never gone before, in new style that will draw admiring glances wherever you go.

One trial spin in the new Thunderbird is enough to quicken the pulse of even the most seasoned driver. You feel you could drive all day . . . just enjoying the enormous Thunderbird V-8 power as it responds to your slightest command! And you can have it with Fordomatic, Overdrive or Conventional Drive.

You can choose power assists to help you steer, stop, control the windows and seat. Cornering never was flatter. The ride was never better. And, depending on your whim,. you can have a convertible fabric top or a removable hardtop -- or both! You feel extra safe, too. For you know Ford's exclusive Lifeguard Design rides with you.

You feel just a little proud when you pull up at a light. You know that your car's long, low lines are the most distinctive on the road. Interiors sparkle with new color. And that new rear-mounted spare tire adds as much to the appearance of the car as it does to your luggage space.

These experiences are your everyday fare when you drive a Thunderbird. Why miss them another day!

Tech Tip - Winter Storage

Thunderbird Scoop -- Oct / Nov 1990 -- Storage Tips by Alan Tast, Scoop Editor

Over the years, members have contributed several tips for the storage of their Thunderbirds during the winter months. This timely text is provided to help you get prepared for the winter months ahead.

What should be done before putting the car away?

There are several things you should do before putting your 'Bird to bed for the winter. Many of these items fall under the heading of normal maintenance, but are even more important for a car that will sit idle for an extended period.

1. Change the oil and oil filter. All that driving you did during the summer and fall may not have put many miles on the odometer, but regardless If you drove 30 or 3000 miles, used oil will break down over time due to contaminants, such as gasoline that washes down cylinder sidewalls and into the oil pan. Some recommend doing this before removing the car from storage in the spring instead of when it goes in. Either way, it will need fresh oil before start-up in the spring.

2. Cooling system check-out. Check the radiator and surge tank (only on big 'BIrds) for leaks and repair as needed. Examine heater. and radiator hoses for sponginess, cracks, etc., and replace where needed. The coolant also must be brought up to snuff: Check how low it will go. (In northern climates, It would be a good idea to go with 50-70% antifreeze/water.) While the car may be sheltered from cold winter winds, garages are not exactly warm places (unless you're fortunate enough to have a heated one - even so, make sure your antifreeze is in good condition, because if the power fails and you loose the heating system in the garage, you've got insurance against such maladies like 'blown freeze plugs). While you're at it, if your antifreeze doesn't have a rust inhibitor, dump some in the radiator. Again extra Insurance.

3. Prepare the fuel system. Some recommend draining the fuel tank to prevent varnish and gum build-up, which results when the gas breaks down from prolonged storage, and filling with "white gas" which won't leave a varnish. For prolonged periods, it's also advised to drain fuel lines and pump after running the car on "white gas" to get it into the carburetor. Others however, simply fill the tank full and add a preservative, which can be found at parts stores and automotive departments such as at K-Mart. One product that comes to mind is called 'Sta-bil.' Another suggestion is to use powdered butyl-hydroxytoluene (BHT), to a tune of 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons.

4. Charge the battery and/or remove it from the car. Keep it off concrete floors - store on a shelf near 'the car so that you can put it back in when you start it later on. Some recommend using a trickle-charger, also available at your favorite parts place. The battery's life can be extended by using a chemical called tetrasodium EDTA to clean the battery's plates. Also known as 'Cyquest' and 'Sequestrene' it should be added to the battery during the charging process. The battery should be agitated frequently to distribute the EDTA on the plates for a few days, followed by a full charging.

5. Clean and wash thoroughly! Make sure to get all painted and plated surfaces. Unpainted items, such as suspension and steering parts, should be coated with Vaseline to prevent them from rusting if your garage floor allows moisture to form or if it's humid in the space. Before putting it away, give the car a good vacuuming, and wipe down the interior. For leather seats, make sure they have been treated with mink oil or a similar preservative to keep them from drying out. Stay away from products that contain silicone, such as 'Armor-AII' which will evaporate and leave a hard-to-clean film on windows and chrome. Silicone-based cleaners/preservative, if not continuously used will cause the vinyl to dry out, which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to prevent. Try products like 'AII-Clear' that don't have silicones and polymers.

6. Prepare the storage space. Concrete floors are notorious for allowing moisture to condense and, in effect, allow the underbody and chassis to 'rust out' from sitting. Place a plastic drop cloth where the car will sit to act as a vapor barrier. A few sheets of cardboard or drip pans are a good idea to catch oil and fluid from a leaking motor or transmission.

Once the car is in the garage ....

1. (For extended periods) Put the car on jack stands or blocks at lift points on the body. Avoid placing weight on the springs and suspension to reduce stress on these items. All weight should be off the tires, so that they can be rotated by hand every month or so. Doing this will prevent bearings from taking a 'set' and keep the tires from developing a 'flat spot.' Inflate the tires to 1/2 of their normal pressure for this type of storage, and don't forget to 'air up' prior to putting the car back on the ground. One train of thought is to simply "park" the car in the garage and move it occasionally, changing the car's position in the garage to prevent the tires and bearings from returning to the same place for months on end.

2. Disconnect the battery after finalizing the car's position.

3. Fill the master cylinder with brake fluid. If you're Inclined to, you could flush the brake fluid and replace with new if it becomes contaminated or has been in for a long time.

4. Place a few items in the interior and trunk to aid in pest control: moth balls are a perennial favorite. Some also use a rag soaked in lemon polish in place of moth balls to avoid the smell and replace it with a more-fragrant scent. Crack open the vent window to allow air to circulate. Place mouse poison outside the car: putting it inside only entices mice inside to get food. (And gives them a comfortable place to die.) If you don't have pets, put it next to the tires. Or, put it where pets won't go, such as on top of tires or the suspension.

5. Cover the car with a good cloth car cover. A water-repellant cover that doesn't breathe is not advisable: assuming it's in a garage, a light cotton one will keep dust off quite well.

During the interim ....

1: (Every two weeks to one month) Reconnect the battery. Start the car and run it for 20 minutes at fast idle.

2. (Every month) Work all operable items (locks, windows, heater, air conditioner, lights, radio, transmission, windshield wipers/washer, cigarette lighter, turn indicators, power seats, etc.).

3. Turn and rotate the front wheels so that the bearings and seals are also worked. Check for leaks.

4. Before bringing the car out for the next cruising season, don't forget to air up the tires, change the oil and filter if they weren't when put away, and then simply put the car back on the ground and drive away.

CTCC Dues Renewal


Great Race 2008 Email

To: BEBluebird

Hi Bert,

Just received the CTCC newsletter and wanted to bring you up to date on the Great Race. I officially withdrew from the race do to NO prize money. The Ewing's are making it an "adventure". I have been on enough adventures. The dates have also changed along with the original route. It is now going to be May 30th through August 2nd. The only thing similar to the original GR is that it will start in NY and end in Paris. That is about the extent of it. They have a new web site now that explains how it is going to work and the route but still lots of unanswered questions for me and others.

I have decided to retire from great racing. Time to go on to other things and adventures to fill up my summers. We won our rookie year, we won sportsman division in 2005 and the Grand Championship in 2007. Charlie and I both agree it's nice to go out on top.

Looks like you guys have been very active. Maybe one of these summers I'll be able to schedule another stop at one of your functions.

Best Regards,
Bob LaBine

From The Archives ... Grille Badges




-- Ed., Bird-News

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Editor's Notebook - Nov 2007

We at CTCC excitedly welcome new members Jerry and Pat Peterson of Des Plaines, Illinois. As long-standing members often attest, CTCC is more than just a car club. The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland is a group of enthusiasts who come together for reasons well beyond their automobiles. We are looking forward to seeing Jerry and Pat at upcoming events.

Get Well Wishes from CTCC!
Although Paul Mounts has suffered a setback from his recent surgery, he is now (again) on-the-road-to-recovery! If he adheres to his Doctor's orders, he should be "back to normal" in the near future.

T-Bird-Club forms in TN
News from our two "transplanted" CTCC members indicates that the Anthony's and Jurkonie's are well on their way to forming a new Chapter Club in Tennessee!
Perry notes that there are some 20-area T-Bird owners who are interested in becoming Charter Members of the new Thunderbird Club.

In Remembrance - Linda Sroka
It is with sadness and a deep sense of loss for all of us that I note the passing of CTCC member Linda Sroka on October 10, 2007. Bob and Linda joined CTCC in February of 1999, and both became active members, participating in numerous Club events. We extend our deepest sympathy to Bob and Linda's family as we share in their loss.

As 2007 marches full circle...
keep in mind the upcoming calendar events for November and December.

Thursday, November 8th: MEMBERSHIP MEETING at Russell's BBQ beginning at 7:30 p.m. and coordinated by Ken Smizinski.

Saturday, December 8th: CTCC ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY at Chandler's Restaurant in Schaumburg coordinated by Ken and Kathy Smizinski. Check the "CTCC Holiday Party 2007" posting for more information and reservations.

Airline Cabin Announcement
Here is a real example: "Your seat cushions can be used for floatation; and, in the event of an emergency water landing, please paddle to shore and take them with our compliments."

CTCC Holiday Party 2007

Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland Holiday Party

Saturday, December 8, 2007 - 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 midnight

Chandler's at the Schaumburg Golf Club
401 N. Roselle Road Schaumburg, IL 60194

Breast of Chicken Marsala $17.00
Boneless chicken breast sauteed with mushroom and marsala wine
Roast Sirloin of Beef $19.50
Tenqer slices of sirloin topped with mushroom bordelaise sauce.

Both entrees served with soup, salad, potato, vegetables, raspberry sherbet, coffee and hot tea.


Please send checks bv November 27th to:
Ken Smizinski
157 Oaksbury Lane
Palatine, IL 60067

This special CTCC price is good for member and spouse, or one guest.

48 in '08

Well ... not quite yet - but less than a year from now.

48 in '08 ... Fourty-Eight States in Two-Thousand Eight

The Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds (CTCI Chapter 50) and the Early Birds of Southern California (CTCI Chapter 7) will be undertaking an ambitious project to visit 48 State Capitols in 2008! The Cruise will start following the CTCI Convention that ends in Portland. OR on August 3rd. Members may drive the entire route or any portion of the extended trip. Look for more information in the next issue.

photo caption: As shown, this map is a tentitive plan for the 48 in '08 route.

Reflections On The Denver Regional Convention

WE LEFT OREGON, WISCONSIN on Wednesday, September 12th and stayed in Kearney, Nebraska where we got the last room! There was a big Farm Show in town.

We arrived at the Denver Marriott West at 2 p.m. on Thursday. The weather having been sunny for both of our travel days. The accumulation of bugs and road dirt dictated that we wash the 'Bird.

On Friday. the 14t, we again washed the 'Bird and got reacquainted with old friends before heading for dinner at a great steak place.

photo caption: The Osborne's with their '57 T-Bird in Denver, CO.

On Saturday, the 15th, we cleaned the 'Bird before the early judging commenced. There were no deductions for any mechanicaIs. The weather was still great, and the view of 128 two-passenger T-Birds made for quite a sight.

One Red '57 was sold for 155 big-ones before the Show; it needed an inner-hood repaint, after the dry-cell battery blew up when Marvin Hill started it! Our ears are still ringing.

CL and Sandra Hood ran the Concours again and they did a great job. We had dinner with Mary Jane's sister and niece, along with their husbands [they live in Denver].

On Sunday, the 16th, we took a bus tour into the mountains, where it rained. We were back in time for Cocktails and the Awards Dinner. It was a great program and we received a GOLD in Concours II, Non-Original; it was the last Award presented! This is not bad for an un-restored 'Bird that we have driven 50,000 miles since it was painted 21 years ago.

Monday, September 17th we left Denver and ran into rain: the engine started missing West of Omaha, so we stayed in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where it rained all night.

On Tuesday morning, the 18th. the 'Bird barely starts, as we welcome the fact that the rain is decreasing. The 'Bird stalls several times, so I pop the clutch in second gear and the engine restarts. I kick off the overdrive in order to increase the engine speed, as we finally out-run the big rain.

The home garage never looked so good, as we once more wash the T-Bird, took a shower and collapsed!

-- Dave and Mary Jane Osborne

Editor's Note: CONGRATULATIONS to our intrepid CTCC members for winning a CTCI GOLD Award! Dave and Mary Jane reside in Oregon, Wisconsin.

Great Race 2008

The Ultimate Adventure in Motor Sports ...

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the "Greatest Auto Race" of 1908, Great Race 2008 will rally-race around the world over much of the same route as the original event, for a $1,000,000 purse.

Great Race 2008 will start in New York City, U.S.A., on February 12, 2008, 100 years to the day after the start of the "Greatest Auto Race," and rally-race 22,000 miles to Paris, France.

photo caption: The 1908 American entry, and eventual winner, Thomas Flyer Team.

40 teams, 20 competing in the latest in automotive technologies and 20 teams driving classic cars, will compete in a time and endurance competition for the right to be declared World Champion.

Just as the "Greatest Auto Race" of 1908 proved the commercial viability of the automobile, Great Race 2008 is designed to achieve the same objective: prove the viability of the latest automotive innovations and test man's ability to endure the hardships of a global race, much like the daring adventures did 100 years ago. Great Race 2008 is a test of endurance for man and machine, and is the ultimate adventure in motor sports.

Wisconsin Day Trip Tale

The Rain in Spain may fall lightly on the plain, but in Wisconsin, it was quite a different story!

EARLY MORNING FOUND US FACING overcast skies, but hoping that the rain clouds would not materialize.

As we headed for the assembly point, the first drops of rain dictated the need to start the half-century old (vacuum) windshield wipers! Luckily, they responded without hesitation and effectively removed the accumulating raindrops.

The skeleton crew at the Road Ranger included 5-classic T-Birds a Lexus and a... Cadillac! At the appointed time, Bob Hoge signaled for us to start on the first leg of our Mini-Tour - to the famous Millie's Restaurant in Delavan, Wisconsin.

photo caption: We boarded car No.30 and our group settled in for the approximately 8 mile rail trip. This rail car was built in in 1926 and has since been maintained mechanically, but not restored.

As we entered Harvard, IL, Len and Mary Keil and Jim Elijah joined our caravan as the light rain continued.

We arrived at Millie's right on-schedule at 9:15, and were soon joined by members Dave and Mary Jane Osborne who reside in Oregon, Wisconsin. Ron and Donna Pavlak arrived a bit later, completing our group.

While we enjoyed the tasty offerings at Millie's, the rain gods took over in earnest, serving up a serious amount of "liquid sunshine!" Although the two-passenger Thunderbird engines were "designed" to be liquid-cooled, I suspect that some (diabolical) design-engineers unwittingly carried the theme over to the T-Bird tops. In any case, if an owner claims to have a top that doesn't Ieak, his secret could be worth a fortune!

The Osbornes bid us farewell and departed for home, as the rest of our group started out to the rain-soaked parking lot. Bob Hoge wisely opted to omit the Snake Road segment of the tour, as the rain continued with no sign of relief. (Snake Road is a designated "Rustic Road" and it is a very colorful 3.2 mile drive, especially when fall colors are at their peak.)

A glance at any of the 'Birds revealed an array of towels and assorted rags being utilized to stem the flow of water into the carpeting, etc.

In spite of slightly dampened spirits, our caravan reformed for the 2nd leg of our Escape to Wisconsin. We survived an unbelievable amount of Sunday traffic as we inched our way through downtown Lake Geneva. The cool weather did prevent any overheating problems!

The rainfall persisted as we arrived in East Troy, home of the East Troy Electric Railroad. The siren call of a roped-off parking area beckoned us, it being, to all intents and purposes, our "promised" reserved T-Bird parking area.

We entered the train station, purchased our tickets and boarded car # 30. This rail car was built in in 1926 and has since been maintained mechanically, but not restored. The presence of countless Duct Tape patches on the seat-coverings attested to this claim!

As our group settled in for the approximately 8 mile rail trip, a conductor suddenly shouted out the words no T-Birder ever wants to hear, "Your cars will be towed!" Somehow, our 'Birds were not in a "protected" parking area, so we bailed out (pun intended) of car # 30 in a desperate attempt to save our T-Birds from the tow-trucks! The train's departure was held until our return, so we left the station several minutes behind schedule.

We finally arrived at the Elegant Farmer in Phantom Woods, where we found the unique "bazaar" crowded with people! The Pavlaks returned toting jugs of cider and other items. Our return trip was uneventful, while the rain persisted its assault on our "parade."

Our visit to an old-time ice-cream shop in East Troy was most enjoyable as we savored sundaes, sodas and other soda-counter treats. The shop's owner indicated that he owned "several" Studebakers, as he joined in on our T-Bird related conversations.

The rainfall notwithstanding, the one-day event planned by Bob and Helen Hoge was most enjoyable. The essence of any club event is being with fellow T-Birders and enjoying the camaraderie that the outing provides.

Members participating in the event: Bert & Jane Eisenhour ('57), Jim Elijah (Ford Focus), Bob & Helen Hoge ('56), Len & Mary Keil ('57), Dan & Joan Mrozek (Lexus), Dave & Mary Jane Osborne (BMW coupe), Ron & Donna Pavlak ('07 Buick), Jerry & Pat Peterson ('57), Ken Smizinski & Len Vinyard (in Ken's '56) and Bill Werth ('55). The Cadillac was piloted by our invited guest, Rich Bennett.

-- Ed., Bird-News

Bodies For Thunderbird

The exciting car that established the 1956 style for the entire line of Ford automobiles, Thunderbird, has a body built to Ford specifications by The Budd Company. Unlike so much of our automobile activity, building individual body parts -- doors, roofs, hoods -- and building by the million, for Thunderbird we construct and assemble the entire body structure.

Here is an example of how Budd engineering, invention, craftsmanship and manufacturing efficiency, created for large scale operations, are applied with equal effectiveness to a car of relatively limited production.

It is this versatility which is constantly adding variety and quantity to products bearing the Budd name which, at a glance, might seem to bear but little relation to each other, but all of which have a common need for the scientific and manufacturing resources that Budd employs in many fields.

The Budd Company -- Philadelphia, Detroit, Gary

CTCC Event Preview - January 2008

Put on Your Dancing Shoes! (No football games are scheduled!)

We will be at the Willowbrook Ballroom, located at 8900 Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, IL on Sunday, Jan. 27th from 1:00 to 4:30 PM.

There will be CBS (Chicken, Beef, Sausage Family Style Meal with soup, salad, side dishes and dessert). Cash Bar too.

Dancing to the Teddy Lee Big Band.

Details next month.

- Pete & Marylu Kramer

Historic Springfield - the CTCC Fall Tour '07

The Fall Tour started on Friday, Oct 5th with 10 cars leaving from the I-355 and Butterfield Road meeting place, and two cars leaving from Indiana. An interesting note, though, Jim Wilson had developed a coil problem on Butterfield, so I was informed that the "Geek Patrol" (headed by Ken, Joel, and Len) was sent out, problem fixed, and our group left 30 minutes later. Of course, part of traveling in the T-Birds is rain, and both groups experienced heavy rain within the first hour. Thank goodness, the rest of the tour was sunny, but extremely hot!

photo caption: T-Birders pose at the Route 66 Hall Of Fame Museum in Pontiac, IL and at the Funk Prairie Home in Shirley, IL.

We all met in Pontiac, IL for our first stop - The Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum. The museum is located in the restored City Hall and Fire Station. Our tour guide, Jim Jones, greeted us as we entered the museum and explained some of the displays. There were Route 66 photos of local establishments, restaurant memorabilia, and lots of history and souvenirs of this famous route. On the second floor, the men enjoyed the war museum with military uniforms, weapons, and artifacts from World War I to present. Before leaving, Liz Werth took a picture of each T-Bird under a large Route 66 sign painted on the back of the building along with a group picture. We received the picture of our car, the group picture, and a group picture from the Funk Museum the next morning - thank you Liz.

Lunch was next on the agenda as we headed to Bloomington, IL and a stop at Culver's Restaurant. Of course, with temperatures in the 90's, ice cream was a welcome treat.

At 1:40 we were on our way to the next stop - The Funk Prairie Home/Gem and Mineral Museum in Shirley, Illinois. Our tour guides were waiting for us as we arrived. We were divided into two groups Emma Funk was our guide in the home, and Bill Case was our gem and mineral guide. Emma's husband, Larry, is a descendant of the Funk Maple Sirup (yes, it's spelled that way) side of the family.

The Funk Prairie Home is the restored 1864 residence of LaFayette and Elizabeth Funk. LaFayette was an Illinois State Senator, co-founder and director of Chicago's Union Stockyards, and cattle king of Illinois. He and Elizabeth had two sons: Eugene founded the Funk Brothers Seed Com Company, and Marquis who electrified the home and the entire farm in 1910 making it the first private farm in the world to be so extensively electrified. An interesting tidbit was the furniture in the home was from Montgomery Wards or Sears - all middle class furnishings.

On this same 27-acre site is the Gem and Mineral Museum This is the collection of LaFayette Funk II, grandson of LaFayette, and son of Eugene. The present building was built by LaFayette II in 1973 and comprises part of the largest one-man gem and mineral collections in the world. Precious stones are on display as well as fossils, Native American artifacts, buggies including a Studebaker buggy, sleighs, and a room of fluorescent minerals which glow under ultraviolet light. After leaving this museum, I was wondering what to write, and Liz Werth had the best advice. She said to describe it as having "lots and lots of rocks", and this was so true.

At 5:00 we arrived at the Drury Inn in Springfield. After checking in, the hotel offered a Manager's Cocktail Reception from 5:30 to 7 that we all enjoyed. After a full day of touring and driving, our group ordered pizzas and continued an evening of fellowship at the hotel.

Saturday turned out to be another hot, sunny day. Drury Inn made certain we started out with a good breakfast, which included Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, to name a few items. At our 8:30 scheduled time to leave, we headed to the Dream Car Museum in Williamsville, IL. The owners, Pat and Phil Hawley, have been collecting for over 50 years and have 1.5 million invested in their museum. As we entered the front door, a black 1957 Thunderbird was the first car. Their car collection includes some 50 to 60 cars with the oldest being a 1906 International Harvester Buggy Wagon and the newest a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Also, included in the collection are 11 motorcycles. The museum was interesting with the office decorated in a Harley-Davidson theme; there was a Veteran's Wall with memorabilia from local veterans, many Elvis items, and numerous other collector items. Mr. and Mrs. Hawley and their son, Dan, had many interesting stories on their collection.

At 10 a.m. we headed to the Dana Thomas House in Springfield. Our tour guide, Richard, described how Frank Lloyd Write was commissioned by Susan Lawrence Dana to incorporate the 30-year old house built by Susan's father into the present house. This home was completed in 1904, and Susan lived in the house until 1928 when she moved into a more modest home across the street. In 1944 she sold the home to the Thomas family, and in 1981 the house was sold to the State of Illinois.

Our next destination was the Abraham Lincoln Museum. As Joe and I were walking from our car to the museum, we met Joel, Annie, Bill, Liz, Ken and Kathy. They had skipped the Dana Thomas tour, going directly to the Lincoln Museum. Since they were now hungry, Cozy Dog on Rt. 66 in Springfield was their destination. They explained this restaurant is the home of the original corn dog. The rest of our group toured the museum the rest of the afternoon.

The Lincoln Museum is absolutely worth the visit. As you first walk in, you enter "The Plaza" which provides access to all the other areas. In "The Plaza" on the left is a cabin representing Lincoln's early years, and on the right is the south portico of the White House. In front of the White House stand figures of the Lincoln family after their arrival in 1861. Of special interest was the temporary exhibit - "Marry Todd Lincoln: First Lady of Controversy". At the Union Theater in the museum, a story was told on Lincoln's life. During the presentation, the audience experiences special effects such as during a battle sequence, the floor shakes from artillery fire as cannon smoke shoots into the theater. This was really neat!

After our busy day, 7 p.m. was lift-off time for the Chesapeake Seafood House. The food, facilities, and staff were excellent. Although there seemed to be some logistical problem in the seating arrangement at the end of the dining room (just kidding)!!!

Back at the hotel, our group enjoyed fellowship for a short time; then proceeded to our rooms to get much needed rest.

On Sunday morning, after another excellent breakfast at the hotel, our group departed Springfield and headed to Bloomington, IL for a tour of the David Davis Mansion with Carolyn Ervin as our tour guide. Davis was a distinguished lawyer, judge, and businessman, and was good friends with Abraham Lincoln. In 1870, his wife, Sarah, wanted a modem house built. In this mansion there is a first floor master bedroom with a walk-in closet, which was very unusual in the older homes. This mansion was beautiful - very light and open. The home has the original furniture and accessories, as the family never threw anything away. Even the original copper hot water heater was found stored. Four generations of the Davis family lived in the house until 1959 when it was donated to the State of Illinois.

Leaving the mansion, we discovered the city of Bloomington has a complicated street pattern! On some streets you have to backtrack and go on a couple times, many V-turns, some right in the middle of the street (just kidding, Len and Irene)!!! Our bird flock finally reunited again on the ramp to I-55 to head north.

Our next stop was brunch at the Country Mansion in Dwight, IL. This historic landmark was built in 1891 and served many purposes until 1977. This was the year it was purchased, remodeled, and reopened by the Ohlendorf family as "The Country Mansion." After a filling and delicious meal, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Thank you, Len and Irene Vinyard, for arranging this Fall Tour. You put in a lot of time and work planning a trip that was enjoyed by Jim Wilson and neighbor Dwight, Pete and Lisa Ekstrom, Joel Greenberg and Annie Luginbill, Bob and Helen Hoge, Larry Johnson, Pete and MaryLu Kramer, Ken and Kathy Smizinski, Bill and Bonnie Thelen, Dan Tinder and Susan DeSantis, Bill and Liz Werth, and Joe and Sandy Kraatz. The friendships developed on these tours, and the fellowship enjoyed by everyone, makes CTCC a very special group.

Written by: Joe and Sandy Kraatz

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Editor's Notebook - Oct 2007

THE ANNUAL MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 13TH FOUND the 31 members in attendance in favor of retaining the current CTCC leadership. The lone exception involves our Treasurer, Doug Rogers, who is relocating to the Pacific, Northwest to commence his new employment. Bob Hoge has volunteered to take over the duties of the office. I am certain that I speak for the membership in wishing Doug our very best in his new pursuits, with THANKS for a job well done!

Some photo credits were omitted in the September issue of Bird-News. Cover: Editor; Page 6: three Picnic views by Liz Werth; Page 9: Sharon Jurkonie; Rear Cover: Editor.

photo caption: Fall comes to Millie's in Delavan, Wisconsin.

The feature story for this issue October issue takes us "on-the-road" in Bob LaBine's 1928 Ford Model A Speedster as it encounters the myriad trials and tribulations of the Great Race! Bob will compete in the 2008 recreation of the original Great Race - New York to Paris - that was staged in 1908.

Having received a number of comments/congratulations on the Bird-News GOLD Award, it was the April 2007 issue that I submitted for the CTCI newsletter competition.

An interesting testimonial on the use of Jet Turbine Oil in a T-Bird is one our our editorial features. Thanks to Bill Werth for supplying the story, which dates back several years. We hope to publish additional information on this perplexing problem (zinc reduction in common motor oils) in future issues.

The CTCC Calendar confirms the onset of Fall, as only two (2) driving events remain: The Annual CTCC Fall Tour (October 5-7) and the SPECIAL "added attraction" event, a one day trip to Wisconsin on Sunday, October 14th. Bob and Helen Hoge have designed the Wisconsin tour to be a salute to the colorful Fall foliage that should be evident in the Lake Geneva area by mid-October. The schedule is posted, and sign-up today! It is a "one-tank full" scenic driving-tour.

-- Ed., Bird-News

Mustang Club Car Show rescheduled for Oct 6th

Good Morning Bert.
An item for the Bird-News, if not too late:

The Mustang Club is sponsoring their show at Westfield Ford, hopefully; it was rained out the two other dates.

Saturday, October 6th 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. for details.

-- Thanks, Len Keil

Tech Tip - Synthetic Oil

Subject: Classicbirds - ENGINE LUBES
Date: 12/19/04

I note a lot of action on the subject of Iubing an engine for starts after sitting a bit. Here is what I have learned after 45 years with racing and high performance engines.

Years ago - we had oils with way too much paraffin in them. After sitting, these oils had a tendency to solidify and clog up oil channels and stop the flow of oil to journals in the engine. Which of course, led to premature wear on bearings and moving parts. Later on - paraffin was replaced with other additives that prevented oil from clogging passages in the motors ... Then - still later - oils were produced "without" oil in them!!

Synthetic oils are great - but expensive. I have some very healthy vehicles - and over the years have had awesome high-performance engines to feed. I built them myself - and NEVER had one fail on me. That says something -- I know what I am saying. I have found - that when a vehicle sits with the oils we have today, that even after a year or 2 - there is still some oil on the moving parts. Maybe not enough to chance a fast start - but it is there. BUT - after a week or two - there is no problem at all. The molecules of oil in the metal are enough to start the engine.

An extra oil pump set up for priming is a waste. If you feel you have the bucks to do this, fine. But, there is a magic trick available to us all. Something I have been doing for years now - and the Military does all the time with its big Tank engines ... not to mention Jet Aircraft engines. Simply - they use SYNTHETIC oils - as an additive.

What is used is "jet turbine oil-synthetic." I use two (2) quarts with each oil change in my diesel vehicles - and one (1) quart for my regular V-8's - including my 312 Ford motors.

This oil is fantastic - and has saved several engines for me over the years. When I blew a TURBO on a Hercules 6 cylinder diesel, in a 34,000 pound truck ... and lost ALL OIL in the engine ... I still made it home over 16 miles without any oil pressure - and NOT OVERHEATING. After replacing the turbo and 7.5 GALLONS of oil - the vehicle still ran perfect and oil pressure came back to 50# where it belonged!

I swear by the synthetic additives - and no pre-priming is needed. Your engine will have a permanent coating after one hour of running this oil mix that will last forever ... just my 2 cents ......... I have tons of this stuff. You can buy it at airfields.

-- Gene

Editor's note: submitted by Bill Werth

Tech Tip - Pump Gone Bad

Good Morning Bert:

Recently, I had a generator failure, and decided to replace it with an alternator. Shortly thereafter, I noticed a greasy mess under the hood. But, it wasn't grease. To make a long story short; I called Ken, who suggested that it might be the water pump failing. He was right, as usual. Apparently, when I Installed the new belt, it increased loading on the pump bearing causing it to start to fail. I purchased a new water pump - with the modified impeller, along with a new thermostat, 170 degrees. Having installed same, could not believe the difference in operating water temp. It now holds between 170 -175 degrees, even on the hottest days. (I have a digital gauge.) The coolant temperature is about 20 deg. cooler than before!

-- Thanks, Len Keil

Movie Star Sighting

The Previews of the new film "Good Luck Chuck" are of special interest, as they feature many shots of a Red 1957 T-Bird! Be sure to put this movie on your list of 'must-see' films! (Released 9-21-07)

photo caption: Jessica Alba and Dane Cook atop a '57 T-Bird in a scene from Good Luck Chuck.

-- Ed., Bird-News

Dubious Record-Holder

LONDON - A rental car worker who was clocked at 172 mph in his company's Porsche was ordered jailed Monday for 10 weeks.

Tim Brady, 33, who was caught Jan. 27, became the fastest speeder ever convicted in Britain. He beat the previous record 156 mph set by car dealer Jason McAllister in 2003.

Brady was caught driving the $198,000 Porsche 911 Turbo, which he took from his employer, luxury car rental firm HelpHire PLC, authorities said.

Brady had nagged his boss to take the Porsche out the day before, but was repeatedly told no, authorities said.

Judge David Morton called the act "criminally self-indulgent."

"(You were) utterly thoughtless of the danger you might be creating for the innocent," he told Brady.

Brady, who admitted to dangerous driving, was banned from driving for three years and will have to take a new driving test before taking to the road again.

He quit his job a day after he was caught.

News courtesy: The Associated Press, MSNBC

Monday, October 1, 2007

CTCC Membership Form

1955 1956 1957 Classic Thunderbird

With the introduction of the sporty, two-seater Thunderbird in 1955, Ford created the Personal Luxury segment of the automobile market. So beautifully styled was the automobile that it was acclaimed a Classic just four years after the last of its kind was produced.

The Thunderbird was named for a legendary bird known to the American Indians as a good luck omen. The Thunderbird was to symbolize, among other things, power, swiftness and prosperity.

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland was formed to bring together owners of this Classic automobile and to provide a medium of exchange for ideas and technical information. Whether your Classic Thunderbird is a driver or a show car, you can turn to the CTCC for the valuable help you need in the restoration or maintenance of your vehicle.

A Bit of History

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland held its first meeting on August 28, 1961. The club was chartered as the Thunderbird Sports Club of Chicagoland. In 1964, the club's name was revised to Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland, thus eliminating the "sports car" designation and placing emphasis on the classic features inherent in the 1955, 1956 and 1957 Thunderbird.

In 1963, the Chicagoland members traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, where the Ford Motor Company hosted a truly magnificent Thunderbird convention. This event set the stage for the first Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) convention which was also held in Dearborn in 1964.

The present day CTCC roster reflects a membership of nearly 150 and hundreds of cars.

Benefits of Membership

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland has many regularly scheduled events throughout the year, including: Tours, Thunderbird Shows, Picnics, Meetings, Tech Sessions.

Lasting friendships will be formed through regional as well as local events. Enjoy family fun events with and without your Classic Thunderbird. Our award winning Bird-News is published monthly and is distributed to about two hundred members and subscribers in the Chicagoland area. Bird-News features: Mechanical Information, Articles, Club Events News, Upcoming Activities. In addition, Bird-News offers an advertising service to those wishing to buy, sell or swap cars or parts.

Come and enjoy the fun, the cars and the friendships that you will find in the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland.
Don't wait, Join Today!

The Classic Thunderbird Club of Chlcagoland invites you to come join the fun and fellowship that come from owning a 1955, 1956 or 1957 Classic Thunderbird. Share the enthusiasm of these automobiles with your family and new friends at the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland.

To join, simply print and fill out the below form then return it with your dues payment. You'll begin receiving your own copy of Bird-News and you'll be able to take part in a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

Make checks payable to: Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland

Mail your membership form and dues payment to:

Ms. Madeline Zambon
CTCC Membership
1361 Mackinaw Place
Schererville, IN 46375

Membership and Renewal Fees - Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland

Today's Date_______________________________________
Home Phone_______________________________________
Other Phone_______________________________________
Classic Thunderbird Club
International Number (CTCI)
Year of Car_______________________________________
Data Plate Number_______________________________________
Color of Car_______________________________________
License Plate Number_______________________________________

Annual Dues $30.00: includes email copy subscription to Bird-News, January 1 through December 31. $45.00 includes Black & White printed Bird-News. After July 1st, dues are 1/2 price.

Please check areas of interest:

____ Rallies

____ Economy

____ Tours

____ Concourse

____ Tech Sessions

____ Picnics

____ FeIIowship

Monday, September 3, 2007

Editor's Notebook - Sept 2007

AFTER CAREFUL CONSIDERATION, THE CTCC BOARD has decided to authorize what I term a FACELIFT for Bird-News! Our revised format is the result of Bob Hoge's offer to have his bank, the Valley Community Bank (VCB), provide the printing service in exchange for a one-half page advertisement in our newsletters. This inaugural issue is another step in the history of mimeographed copies (1962) followed by printed, electronic typewriter and computerized versions in subsequent years. Our thanks to Bob for his contribution!

As noted on page 9, CTCC members and Dick and Jill Burdette join the "Tennessee T-Bird brigade!" The exodus already includes the Anthony's and the Jurkonie's, while the Wrigley's have relocated in Missouri!

For those readers who might have had an interest in owning a De Lorean, there still might be hope, since all existing parts have been purchased by a new owner. The tentative plans project the production of some 500 more Back-to-the-Future cars!

As of August 23rd, CTCI reports that International membership now stands at 6,091.

Under the heading of, Who Really cares, while Tulsa, Oklahoma officials try to locate the winner of the ill-fated (1957) burial of the Plymouth Belvedere, scientists are eager to compare the 1957 gas to present gas. (There were 2-cans of gas stored with the entombed Plymouth.) Ken Smizinski, tired of sifting through the minefield of info on the problem of zinc reduction in many motor oils, finally made telephone contact with an engineer! The news is good; details in October.

The third edition of the Geneva Concours (August 26th) found absolutely perfect weather as CTCC had representation by the Pavlak's '55 and the Kramer's '56. Pete Kramer won Best-in-Class! The Werth's and Kelly's were on-the-scene, as we viewed/photographed the impressive field of vehicles.

-- Ed., Bird-News

Bird-News Wins Gold


As Editor, I have tried to maintain a high-level of content related to the classic T-Bird with an occasional, non T-Bird story of general automotive interest. Thanks to our members for their contributions in making the achievement of this award possible!
-- Ed., Bird-News

August 7, 2007
Hi - Bert and Jane:
Hope all is well. You did it again, Bert! A Gold Award for the BIRD-NEWS. Congrats! The Jurkonie's and Anthony's participated in the Region 1 [CTCI] Convention in New Jersey. Perry's car won a Silver Award, so very close to a Gold. Bill's Bronze 'Bird, which now has a White Hard Top, won his first-ever Gold Award! We had fun and wish other CTCC members could have attended. Hello to all, Take care.
-- Sharon & Bill Jurkonie

August 9, 2007 5:26:35 P.M. Central Daylight Time
The Regional in NJ was excellent. Both the Jurkonies and we represented the Chicago club and were pleased to do it. We were the only ones from CTCC.
The event was a masterpiece in managing details for an exceptional Regional, with numerous people involved from this chapter of less than 40 members. The attention to detail was most appreciated and evident to most.
Bill and Sharon have worked enormously on their Bronze '57 and it looked just great ... so great it took a GOLD. Very deserved. Our "new" gunmetal also did well with a Silver, which is always good for a first time concours, I think.
We both trailered our cars, mostly without incident, although the lousy roads in Pennsylvania took a huge chunk from one of my trailer tires! We replaced it right on the concours grounds.
I took many old parts "for sale" from years of collecting and people seemed to really like the old original parts that I had ... especially the original FORD boxes. You can cancel my ad in "BN" for parts as nearly everything is gone.
A highlight of the evening was hearing your name ... and CTCC ... recognized for the newsletter. A GOLD to boot! Congratulations to you and Jane for all the hard work you put in. Bill J accepted the plaque on your behalf and I understand he has sent it to you.
Our best to everyone.
-- Perry [Anthony]

Congratulations on your award for the newsletter. You do a great job and I enjoy receiving it.
Bob Bowie
Editor - Metroplex Early Birds
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

"Hello my name is ..." CTCC Name Badges available

If you wish to order a magnetic CTCC Name Badge(s), send the information along with a check (payable to CTCC) to:
Liz Werth
22W413 Ironwood Drive
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

$2.00 each badge for New Members
$6.50 each badge for long-standing Members

PRINT Member Name, City [for tag) ____________________________________________

PRINT Spouse/Other, City [for tag) ____________________________________________

PRINT Your Address: [for mailing tags) _________________________________________

Welcome New Members

We are pleased to announce the addition of new members into CTCC.

Dave and Robyn Havell of Arlington Heights, also Dave and Marian Pogorski of Naperville join our ranks.

Take note that Dick and Jill Burdette have a change of address to Rogersville TN.

CTCC Annual Picnic 2007

IT WAS A GREAT DAY FOR T-BIRDS AND T-BIRDIES! Thanks to the Burhops, CTCC Picnic signs were positioned at key intersections long before 11:00 a.m., the scheduled start of this popular event. Pratt's Wayne Woods was again the site of this year's edition of an outing that has been a part of the CTCC events calendar for more than 40 years.

By 10:30, the Burhops, Keils and Liz Werth were already on-the-scene, arranging the picnic and serving tables. (Bill Werth was away on a fishing trip somewhere in the wilds of Canada.) The "reserved" T-Bird parking area (near our "rented" Pavilion-for-a-day) soon filled, and a few members had to park their 'Birds/cars across the roadway. It was a colorful sight to see some 15 classic T-Birds "on-display!" In addition, there were three modern 'Birds and a beautiful 1939 Ford Convertible Coupe, the latter owned by Len and Irene Vinyard.

photo caption: Chicken Is Served! The CTCC food line formed a nanosecond after Ken Smizinski's arrival with the supply of Popeye's chicken! Ravenous appetites were soon assuaged.

Naturally, conversations - T-Bird related and otherwise - raged on as we awaited the arrival of our featured entree, Popeye's Chicken! Ken and Kathy Smizinski arrived to survey the turnout - some 40 plus persons. Ken then made his (now famous) "Chicken Run," and he returned at about 12:30 p.m. with the tubs of chicken. The sight of the loaded food-table energized the members to line-up to partake in the tasty chicken and wide-assortment of salads and side-dishes. Kathy had been busy setting a charcoal fire, in order to have hot coffee ready by dessert time! It turned out that "sales" were few, no doubt influenced by the warm day, the prediction having been for a high of 92 degrees!

While we were enjoying the bountiful food offerings, it was impossible to miss the constant parade of official police and Forest Preserve vehicles that slowly cruised by our gathering spot. (CTCC reserves the Pavilion site - $75 - as soon as permitted, in order to guarantee availability for the following year.) As the day progressed, a bicycle rider approached the Pavilion, the "security" person obviously intent on a close-up inspection for any signs of alcoholic beverages! Later on, I discovered a Lite beer-bottle cap imbedded in the walkway, clear evidence that some prior group had violated the strict rule banning alcohol. Naturally, almost every Preserve visitor driving by the colorful collection of two-passenger T-Birds slowed down to take-in-the-scene. I watched as two horseback riders passed the lineup, imagining that they were comparing their "horsepower" to that represented by the fleet of Thunderbirds....?

Dessert-time arrived, and it was no less spectacular than the flavorful assortment of food items we had just enjoyed. The table featured cookies, brownies, fruit salad in a watermelon shell, raspberry bars, plus other assorted treats. From a strictly personal point-of-view, the creme de la creme of the dessert offerings was the Award Winning coconut layer-cake made by Paul Mounts! Having missed out on this fantastic (to die for!) treat last year, Paul made certain that I received the first slice - along with a cup of coffee! Thanks for the special effort by a "special guy!"

Unlike last year, members opted not to engage in any "lawn games," in spite of the fact that croquet and Jarts were available. Thankfully, the Pavilion provided shelter from the sun, and, at times, it even managed to help create a cooling breezeway effect.

A few members left following our "feast, " having other commitments for the late afternoon/evening. It was at about this time when a "long-lost" couple made their appearance! What a pleasant surprise to see Perry and Cindy O'Kano after lo, those many years! They were able to renew some old friendships - and enjoy a sampling of our delicious picnic fare. The O'Kano's membership dates back to about 1980.

Len Vinyard's 1939 Ford Convertible drew many admirers, prompting Len to outline the highlights of his 85hp V-8 engine, with emphasis on its continued dependability! Rudy Budach likewise attracted quite a gallery of members interested in knowing the almost unbelievable story of his "personalized" 2002 T-Bird. Rudy only recently acquired ownership of this Red beauty, the odo showing only 4.800 miles! Now, dressed-up with a customer (after-market) dual tonneau set-up (ala the 1962/1963 Thunderbird sports Roadsters), it is definitely a head-turner.

Most everyone had departed the Preserve by about 3:30, so another group quickly laid claim to "our" facility. We lingered to visit and recall old-times with the O'Kano's, then fired-up the 'Bird for the 9-mile trip home. This was a truly enjoyable get-together, with good food and most importantly, good friends. While it is our love affair with the 'Birds that brings us together, the essence of the Club is the wonderful friendships that are formed, and the numerous opportunities for camaraderie.

Participants in this year's edition:

Bill and Jane Balogh, Rudy and Janet Budach, Bob and Marcy Burhop, Steve Davajon, Bert and Jane Eisenhour, Pete and Lisa Ekstrom, Ed and Marleen Ficenec, Mickey Ficenec, Joel Greenberg and Annie Luginbill, Brad, Jan and Paige Hanson, Art and Gail Hascek, Laura Hascek and Mike Cielenski, Bob and Helen Hoge, Larry Johnson, Len and Mary Keil, Larry and Karen Kelly, Pete and Marylu Kramer, Paul and Ursala Mounts, Dan and Joan Mrozek, Perry and Cindy O'Kanto, Ken and Kathy Smizinski, Len and Irene Vinyard, Liz Werth, Jim Wilson.

FOOTNOTE: Interestingly, the front page of Monday's Kane County Chronicle featured an article on Pratt's Wayne Woods Forest Preserve! No, it didn't feature our Thunderbirds, but recorded the discovery of a mastodon tooth (2005) and more recently, a tusk from this huge, prehistoric mammal. St. Charles high School students are involved in this archaeological dig.

-- Bert and Jane Eisenhour

CTCC Fall Tour 2007 planned

Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland Fall Tour
SAVE THE DATE -- October 5 - 7th 2007

Destination - Springfield, IL
Tour focal point - The NEW Lincoln Museum
Tour Coordinators - Len and Irene Vinyard
(847) 397-2656 or Cell (847) 858-0352 E- Mail:

Some possible stops along the way:
Pontiac, IL ....... New Rte. 66 Hall of Fame
Bloomington, IL ....... David Davis Mansion (Davis Home of Abraham Lincoln's Supreme Court Appointee)
Shirley, IL .... Funk's Gem & Mineral Museum
Springfield, IL ..... Major Tour - Abraham Lincoln Museum
Dana Thomas Homes - Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright

Drury Inn & Suites, 3180 S. Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield - (217) 529-3900
Rate: $70.19 + Tax

All room's are under the name of Irene Vinyard, T-Bird Club of Chicago with Various confirmation numbers. When calling, give my name and MAKE sure that they change the Credit Card number to your Credit Card and that they give you a confirmation number.

Then - Please let us know you're registered.

CTCC Wisconsin Day Trip Tour planned


Meet and Leave from The Road Ranger parking lot (1-90 & Route 20 in Hampshire) at 8:00 a.m.

Cruise to Millie's Restaurant in Delavan, Wisconsin for a great breakfast!

Then we will cruise through Lake Geneva, via Snake Road (A designated Rustic Road), past the former Wrigley estate.

photo caption: Onward to Millie's for a great breakfast.

On to East Troy, Wisconsin for a trolley ride and tour of the East Troy Electric Railroad.

Then on to The Elegant Farmer for an unusual shopping experience.

Cruzin' on, we will then stop at the square in downtown Woodstock, Illinois for a late lunch.

Then we all head home!

Call Bob or Helen Hoge for a reservation (630) 377-3330.

Cantigny Car Show in September

2nd Annual Cantigny Car Show
Sunday, September 23, 2007 - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Open Classes - Over 40 Awards Presented at 3:00 PM
Limited to 500 Entries - Rain or Shine

Need a registration form? Click here.

Call (630) 260-8207 for more information or to register over the phone.

Cantigny Park
1S151 Winfield Road
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

photo caption: Cantigny Car Show, Sunday, Sept 23rd, 2007.