Monday, December 14, 2009

The Magic of Terry Evanswood



Pictured here, we find film star. James Cagney, driving his mud-splattered }955 T-Bird! His passenger is not identified, but may possibly be his daughter?

Thanks to Bob Hoge for submitting this (rare) photo of a very young looking movie star! (Of course, the photo dates back more than a half-century.)

While Cagney starred in many gangster roles (The Public Enemy - 1931), he also appeared in several romantic films.

Bird News Cover Dec. 2009

The Thunderbird Anthology 1956

This month, we again feature another one of the several Ford Motor Company advertisements included in The Thunderbird Anthology CD. The 1956 Red/White interior shows off well in contrast to the Gray body color and the Black Soft Top. There were two Gray color options in 1956: Thunderbird Gray and Navajo Gray.

Unfortunately, as is the case with all of the other photos on the CD, there is no explanation oridentification included for the collection of images. - Editor

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Editors Notebook

the editor's NOTEbook

WITH PRESS-TIME NIPPING AT MY HEELS. IT WAS A SAD REMINDER OF THINGS TO come, when snowplows roared down the road! The light dusting of snow didn't warrant any actual "plowing," so I trust this was merely a training exercise.....

The 2009 Calendar (page 2) shows our Annual holiday Party as the last event scheduled for this year. It also signals time for CTCC DUES Renewals. Membership Chair Madline Zambon, has already sent out the Renewal Forms for 2010, so get your check in the mail.

The (tentative) 2010 CTCC Calendar appears on page 3.

While Fall 2010 is still far in the future, Pete and marylu Kramer have prepared advance notice for the Annual CTCC Fall Tour. (Refer to PLAN AHEAD on page 9).

The first outing scheduled for the New Year is the special Brunch/Magic Show on Sunday, January 10th (See page 10 for details and RESERVATIONS/PRE PAYMENT.)

An interesting modification to a '55 T-Bird is pictured on page 9! The 1955 Ford advertisement shown on page 6 is a bit different from most other period layouts. My file copy doesn't reveal the publication source- or date of release.

The Rear Cover design includes the familiar "T-Bird Santa" Christmas Tree ornament, while the three "Birds and Sleigh panel is based on a design I developed several years ago. The TARTC Dec. 2009 Newsletter utilized this layout- adding color to the T-Birds.




2009 saw CTCC enjoying a great year. Club events, especially the Spring and Fall Tours, were a great success, due in no small part to the efforts of the organizers. THANKS to all of the members who planned events for the Club.

If you have an idea for an outing, contact any Board member.

The Board is in the process of developing a schedule of events for 2010. Our old standbys - the PIZZA PARTY & PICNIC - are already on the schedule.

We would like to do some ONE-DAY outings this year. Any ideas??? Contact me, or any Board member with your suggestions.

2010 promises to be an exciting year with the June 15-20 CTCI INTERNATIONAL in Dayton and the CTCC Fall Tour to Door County, Wisconsin. The Fall Tour, a four-day event, is being planned for late September by Pete and Marylu Kramer.

Club membership remains quite stable at II6.
The success of our Club is due to the active
participation of its members.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our
members at the upcoming CHRISTMAS
- Len Keil