Monday, July 28, 2014

Westmont Cruise Night

Westmont Cruise Night- Vettes vs T-birds

Beautiful weather was enjoyed by 17 members at the Westmont Cruise Night on July 24.Pete and Marylu Kramer had arranged for us to sit at the front row of  patio tables at J. Flemings Absolutely Delicious restaurant, across the street from our row of T-Birds. Everyone had a nice meal.

The balance of the evening was spent walking the three blocks of Cass Avenue admiring the 183 cars in attendance, shopping at the vendor booths, listening to the live band and chatting with each other. The Theme for the night was Vettes vs T- Birds. While the T-Birds were way outnumbered by the Corvettes, in this totally biased reporters opinion, the T-Birds were the winners!

Experiencing the extraordinarily lovely evening were Pete and Marylu Kramer, Bob and Barb Sroka, Gordon Gluff and Mary Ziemba, Haig Garabedian, Ron Pavlak, Gail Hascek, Laura and Mike Cielenski, bob and Helen Hoge, Ed Levin and Rose Kovalenko and Bill and Liz Werth.

Liz Werth

Board Report


In lieu of the Presidents Report, this month we are presenting a report from the Board.

We have had a pretty full calender of events so far this year.  This started with our largest Tech Session, when 34 members and friends gathered at the garage of  Bob Wenderski where, among other things, we heard a presentation on car care from Jim Heidel, a spokesman and representative from Turtle Wax. After lunch, a number of members finished the day by viewing a private car collection which Bob arranged for us to tour.

Beautiful weather prevailed for our Spring Tour - a four-day outing to Springfield, Illinois, coordinated by Len and Mary Keil. Our large turnout was augmented by participation from several neighboring clubs and representatives from CTCI honoring us with their participation. While this was our clubs fourth trip to Springfield, we always find something new and different to see and experience each time we go there.

Cruises and car shows have occupied many weekends and evenings. After spending a Saturday driving around the community of Crystal Lake, which included a visit to a downtown shopping center, members in eight cars showed up at a surprise 80th birthday party for Cora Claypool. (Her family had contacted the club via the Internet about providing her with the opportunity to cross a ride in a 1957 Thunderbird off her bucket list.) While she got to ride in both a 1957 and a 1956 Thunderbird, which thrilled her immensely, the rest of us put on a show for the other party guests.  From there, it was off to the Dog and Suds opening car show of the season where we were joined by additional club members.

Mike and Laura Cielenski coordinated a lunch at White Fence Farms on Route 66 in Romeoville, giving members an opportunity to get together once again.

Our club was also contacted by the management firm for several shopping centers in the southern suburbs of Chicago, requesting us to do a couple of car shows. The first  one we did at the Orland Park Crossing drew over a dozen members and several T-Birds from non-members. This presented us with an opportunity to recruit new members; although that has not panned out yet, contacts have been made. Unfortunately, our second show, at the Kensington Center in Plainfield, for which 15 members signed up, was cancelled due to thunderstorms that morning.

The Board has purchased 25 grill medallions with the club logo. It was initially decided to give one to any member who participated in both of these car shows. However, with the second show being a rain-out, we will have to rethink what we want to do with them. The balance of the medallions were to be made available to club members at cost.

For our next event, 20 members and 10 cars are scheduled to go to Bristol Renaissance Faire this Saturday, July 19th. This will be the fourth year we have visited the Faire. Other members who will not be able to go with the club have purchased our discount tickets and will be going on their own later in the summer as their schedules permit.

Club members and their Thunderbirds have been participating in numerous local car shows so far this summer.

The calendar for the remainder of the driving season is just as loaded with activities for club members to do together. Included are our annual picnic and Fall Tour. Check the Calender of Events on the web site or in the Bird News for details.

Joel Greenberg

White Fence Farm

White Fence Farm

It was a warm and bright sunny Sunday  June.  We all congregated in the parking lot of White Fence Farm  and then proceeded in to enjoy lunch.  As we ordered drinks and waited for our lunch to be served, Ken held a brief meeting. Ken went over the upcoming calendar of events for the club. Pete Kramer spoke about the upcoming cruise night in downtown Westmont on July 24th. While  Joel Greenberg and Annie gave an update on Bristol in July.  Annie also handed out items for the ladies in the club who were going to be attending the Faire. Pete Eckstrom spoke about the upcoming fall tour to East Troy and said he and Lisa were going back up in July to plan the details. Ken ended the meeting with a drawing for a $50 gift certificate for NPD.  The winner of the drawing was Laura Cielenski.

Lunch was served and all enjoyed either chicken, shrimp, steak and much more.  Of course there always is excitement for the club and sometimes things don't run as smoothly as you would like especially when it came to the separate checks. Sorry to all those who attended for the mishap. But I think everyone still enjoyed the afternoon.  Some club members stayed on to view the antiques and classic cars in the restaurant museum area , as others either visited the petting zoo or talked around their cars and then went home.

We had 34 in attendance and we Thank all those who came.  Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Len & Mary Keil, Len & Irene Vinyard, Doug & Soon Hee Rogers, Pete & Marilou Kramer, Joe & Sandy Kraatz, Kami Woody, Pete & Lisa Eckstrom, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, Larry & Karen Kelly, Dan Mrozek & Arlene Figlia, Bob & Barbara Sroka, Jim & Jane Wilson, Bud & Cindy Kryszak , Haig Garabedian, Ron Pavlak, Gordon Gluff & Mary Ziemba, Gail Hascek and Mike & Laura Cielenski.

By Laura Cielenski

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  My Lords and Ladies  The Queen is Coming

An event where you adorn yourself with your Sundays best.  A once in a lifetime experience, July 19th, we all enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of her arrival at the Bristol Renaissance Faire  Those attending were:  Tom & Judy Bruin, Bill & Liz Werth, Jim & Jane Wilson, Bob & Barbara Sroka, Len & Mary Keil, Bob & Helen Hoge (A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HELEN), Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, and as late arrival were Len & Irene Vinyard with family.

As we entered the gates, 16th century Old England awaits.  Step back in time to meet the Queen and here court as they travel to Bristol to escape the summer heat of London.  We were able to view her arrival as the parade past by.  A full compliment of servants, entertainers, ladies in waiting, Royal Guard and Beefeaters formed the procession.  Behind these were the soothsayers, jesters, witches and peasants.

All were able to eat, drink, and make merry while roaming amongst, jousting knights, and saucy wenches.  Entertainment included, knife throwing, archery, whip demonstrations, female sword fighting, Bagpipes with Scottish dancers as well as many games and stages of the improv troops performances.  There were also Shoppes exhibiting all kinds of hand-crafted items, costumes, glass, pottery, Jewelry and much more.

With all this frolicking and cavorting it leaves one in need of food and drink.  A bountiful supply of refreshments from the giant turkey legs to ice-cold sassafras, beers and ales were always just a step away.  You could rest around the Maypole where the Steampunk costume contest showed us all an imaginative array of apparel.

We finished our day by viewing a standing room only arena while watching the Knights joust to the final victor becoming the Grand Knight.

Thank you to all that attended, and a special thanks to Joel and Annie for arranging an excursion that we will all remember.  HUZZAH!!!

Barbara Sroka