Friday, June 25, 2010

One Day Outing

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dayton Convention Convoy Information and Route


Meet at the Lincoln Oasis at 7:30AM
Depart promptly at 8:AM
Imperative that all gas-up at this time.
Be sure to bring your FULLY CHARGED radio.
Hotel is 285 miles from this Oasis. Plus mileage from your location.
Driving time estimated to be 8 1/2 hours.

Depart Oasis on I-294 to I-80/94. This roadway is 5 lanes wide, with heavy truck traffic. Do not attempt to stay in a line.
Watch signage.

14 miles to I-65, exit to your right, South to Indianapolis. Once on I-65 we will try to regroup. Very heavy truck traffic on I-65. Be sure to leave room between cars for other motorists to exit. 43 miles from Oasis, milemarker 232 is a rest area. Emergency Stop Only!!! If you need to stop here, meet us at the next planned stop. Use cell phone to report to Len - (773) 771-8783.

78 miles from Oasis, milemarker 197, first planned rest stop. 15-20 minutes PLEASE! NEXT STOP WILL BE FOR LUNCH AND GAS.

134 Miles from Oasis, milemarker 140, Lebanon IN. As we exit on your right are Shell and McGlure gas stations along with Subway, Steak & Shake, Arby's & Flap Jack. On your left is a BP gas station along with McDonald's, Arby's & White Castle. We will regroup at the frontage rd adjacent to McGlure gas station. 50 MINUTES FOR THIS STOP.

Turn left from frontage rd. back to I-65, right turn back to I-65 South.

145 Miles from Oasis, milemarker 129, exit to I-865E to I-465E, exit right two lanes. Follow I-465E. Heavy construction on this portion of I-465. Lanes will separate, keep left, express lanes have no construction vehicles on roadway. When express lanes end work your way to the right as we will be exiting to the right. Milemarker 43, to I-70, look for sign that is for Dayton exit. Exit will be to the center right. This is a maze of interchanges, watch signs. If separated, call if possible. Shoulder construction along this portion of I-70. No shoulders.

Milemarker 105 on I-70 will be a rest stop. 15-20 minutes.

239 miles from Oasis to the Ohio line.

Milemarker 32 in Ohio, keep left on I-70 to Columbus. I-75 to Dayton is NOT our route (Fact - the Hotel is not in Dayton. but in Fairborn, Ohio.)

Exit I-70 at exit 41A to Fairborn, Ohio.

Merge onto OH-236 S/OH-4 S via Exit 41 toward Fairborn - 1.6 miles

Take the Chambersburg Rd/ OH-235 S ramp - 0.2 miles

Turn LEFT onto OH-235 - 2.7 miles

Turn RIGHT onto N. Broad St/OH-235/OH-444 . Continue to follow OH-444S

Travel 3 miles to Air Force Gate#12. Hotel entrance is at this point. Turn right into entrance. Post 12 is immediately past Dayton Yellow Springs Rd. (Traffic Light).

Questions, Comments or other information:
(H) 815-759-8763
(Cell) 773-771-8783

Convention Preview

For those members who will be attending the Dayton CTCI event, a rare Museum sight will be the F-106 pictured here!

In 1970, this fighter developed a 'flat-spin' (generally considered as unrecoverable). The pilot, following textbook procedure, ejected, assuming that his aircraft was doomed to crash.

What followed is the stuff that you might well expect to find in a Clive Cussler thriller. After the ejection, the A58-0787 recovered by itself. With an empty cockpit, the Delta Dart assumed wings level. Under power (engine throttled back), the F-106 made a near-perfect, gentle belly landing. The weight of the aircraft compressed the snow into ice, allowing the aircraft to weirdly creep across the cornfield.

Rudy Budach included the following with his interesting find: This Bird is supposed to be on display at Wright AFB - site of the CTCI Intl. Convention in June.

Tech Session- 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The CTCC Spring Tech Session was held at the home and garages of Judy and Otto Bruggenthies in Mettawa, as access to Bob Wenderski's garage was limited due to road construction. Twenty-five club members and a few Thunderbirds braved April showers to attend. Dan Tinder drove his Thunderbird Blue '55 from Winamac, Indiana. His engine compartment looked great despite the rain and it sported an interesting Optima 6 volt battery. The wide whitewalls on his car were made from Michelin cores. Gordon Gluff drove his Red '56 and Joel Greenberg his Yellow '57 'Bird. Joe Zambon's '57 was already in the garage, as it was the subject of the Tech Session along with Judy Bruggenthies' Dusk Rose '57 which was stored up on a lift. Len Keil came in his '97 Thunderbird. I drove my Blue '02 and Pete Kramer his Cashmere '05 'Bird. Arthur Hahl came in a '78 Ranchero which was large for a mid-size truck, based on the LTD II.

Others in attendance were Dan Anderson, Tom Bruin, Bert Eisenhour, Jim Elijah {showing pictures of his '79 Lincoln Mark V), Larry Johnson and Sue Hommedieu, Larry Kelly, Joe Kraatz, Ron Pavlak, Jerry Peterson, Dave Pogorski, Joe Sant (who has a Starmist Blue '57 all apart), Ken Smizinski, Bob Sroka and friend Lee Bakakos (a new CTCC member), Bill Werth, Joe Wintz, and Joe Zambon.

Judy and Otto's garages were filled with all sorts of vehicles and miniature conveyances that were displayed on a shelf around the perimeter of the building. There was an Amish children's buggy that was steered with the horse reins, as well as numerous pedal cars. Allis Chalmers and McCormick tractors from kiddie size toys to very large resided in the garages. Bruggenthies' have an interesting '79 Dodge Little Red Wagon step-side pickup with side exhaust pipes at the back of the cab. Otto, recovering from surgery, made the rounds in a motorized scooter.

The Tech Session began with Ken Smizinski stressing the importance of changing motor oil at
least annually, despite the few number of miles driven. Moisture collects under the valve covers and anywhere there is heating, then cooling. IOW-30 or IOW-40 oil can be used, but it should be SF rated, containing zinc. Zinc has been eliminated in many oils and this can shorten engine life. Wal-Mart Accel is SF rated, containing zinc, at $2.17 per quart. Ken further stressed the importance of fresh gas as the new gasoline, with ethanol, breaks down. Marine Sta-Bil will preserve gasoline. He prefers to only fill the tank half full and buy gas more often. Ken has seen cars with the heat-riser mounted backwards. It should face the fender on the outside so that as it heats up, it drops down. He is seeing new oil pumps where the pressure relief spring is too tight, making the oil pressure too high for mechanical lifters. New relief springs can actually bury the needle on an oil pressure gauge and blow the gasket on a spin-on oil filter. Ken stressed, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

The main topic of our Tech Session was the steering gear box, which is often neglected. Ken has most often seen damage in cars without power steering. Seals dry rot and leak. Sending the steering gear box out for repair is a $600-700 job. The fix that Ken demonstrated can be done for less than $10. A 1/2" wrench was used to take the plug out of the steering box. A #3 drill and a 1/4x28 tap were used so that a grease fitting could be fitted in the plug. Now, every time the front end of the car is greased, the steering gear box can also be greased. Four ounces of grease were used and it was pumped into the steering box through the Zerk fitting until the grease came out of the breather holes. Ken suggested using lots of grease the first time, 1 -2 cartridges, as necessary.

Disc brake kits from Bob Walker were discussed along with Dot 4 or Dot 5 brake fluid to absorb the heat. Ken started Judy Bruggenthies' '57 that had not been started since last August. It started right up, since it has an electronic fuel pump. Elizabeth, from Otto and Judy's staff, took group pictures. Most of the group went to Fat Man's Bowling Alley for lunch before riding off into the rain.
- By Jim Wilson

Cows and Trains


Saturday, April 10th was a beautiful day. We got an early start and drove the little car two hours to Fair Oaks, Indiana where we met members of the Early Birds of Hoosierland (EBOH) for a tour of the Fair Oaks Farms "Dairy Adventure Center". We have passed this facility hundreds of times on Route 65. The tour included a "birthing barn", a 3D movie, displays, a bus tour of one of the largest dairy farms in the US and a view of the milking process.

From the Dairy we caravanned (at least 15 little 'Birds) to Monon, IN where several more EBOH members joined us. More than 40 of us enjoyed a special dining experience inside the Connection Museum at the Whistle Stop Restaurant. The museum houses a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the railroads' bygone era. Exhibits include a display of dining car china and silver, hand-held lanterns, restored brass steam locomotive bells and whistles, and a full size replica of an Illinois Central depot.

The EBOH Club held their monthly meeting during lunch and we were warmly welcomed. This itinerary would be an easy one for a CTCC day trip. Also, we have been invited by the EBOH to plan a joint outing with them sometime. If anyone has an idea for a fun and interesting activity halfway between Chicago and Indianapolis, let us know.
- Liz & Bill Werth

President's Report- June 2010


As all CTCC members know, the traditional Spring Tour was cancelled due to the International time frame. Your Board decided that one event would take away from the other. Our Spring Tour is usually held in late May; the CTCI Convention is being held in mid-June. In lieu of an overnight tour. Bob Hoge has planned a (special) One Day Outing on June 27th.

The Fall Tour planning is well underway with CTCC members traveling to Door County, Wl. Pete and Marylou Kramer and Larry and Karen Kelly are organizing this year's Tour.

This brings us up to the Spring Tour for 2011. Your Club is looking for someone to step foreward and start the ball rolling for this outing. Organizing a tour is not as difficult as one might think; pick out a location and a date. CTCC will reimburse you - up to $200.00 - for any expenses you will incur. (Receipts required, of course.) CTCC members who have run these trips will certainly lend a helping hand.

Our Annual Hot Dog & Brat Day will have a new format this year; no longer will we be attempting to go to a local Drive-ln Movie - too many variables, including weather and the available movie title. Henceforth, the day will be designated as: The Annual Hot Dog & Brat and 'Driveway' Movie Gala. Keep the date (July 17th) open and look for details in the July issue. [Sneak Preview: The feature movie this year is the classic, American Graffiti] The film will be shown on a BIG screen in our driveway.

Call Len or Mary to make your reservations.
PHONE: (815) 759-8763
- Len Keil

Newsletter Award

Subj: Golden Quill Awards
Date: 5/6/10 1:22:18 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Congratulations to our CTCI chapter Editors who have won recognition with Old Cars
Weekly Golden Quill Award!
Here is the full article to read:

Note to Bob: I let them know that your name was misspelled on their list, so they can correct it on your certificate.

Golden Quill Award- Regions and Chapters
Sub Compacts
Birds-Eye View, Bob Depaola, editor, Chapter 78, Classic Thunderbird Club International

Honorable Mention:
Bird-News, Bert Eisenhour, Editor, Classic Thunderbird Club Of Chicagoland - CTCI Chapter 9

Lin Somsak, Editor
EarlyBird magazine
Classic Thunderbird Club International
direct phone: 714.893.5331

Subj: RE: Golden Quill Awards
Date: 5/6/10 5:27:34 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Bob & Bert,
Congratulations on your recognition by Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award. As a former Chapter newsletter editor I know the hard work that goes into producing a publication on a regular basis. The Chapter newsletter is the life blood of the organization and necessary to maintain communication among members, to recruit new members, and to preserve Chapter history. Thanks again for your efforts and I hope you have entered the CTCI newsletter contest with your publications.

Martin Bierman
2010 CTCI President

Thanks to Lin and Martin for the kind words of encouragement.- Editor

Fall Tour Update

September 17-20, 2010

Please plan on joining us as we caravan to Door County. We will be staying at The Landmark in Egg Harbor and we will have a private parking lot for our 'Birds.

Activities will include an escorted tour of Lambeau Field in Green Bay on the way up - a visit to a classic T-Bird Restoration facility and a visit to Baileys Harbor for their annual Autumnfest that includes a Classic Car Show. There will be time for shopping and sightseeing on your own. A Ghost Tour is planned, a dinner at The English Inn and a private catered omelet breakfast/brunch. A poker run is also part of the activities. The "traditional" pizza party will be held in our own hospitality room on Friday night.

FOR ROOM RESERVATIONS: Call The Landmark Resort - "Flagship Building" - PHONE: I-800-273-7877. Ask for Louise and mention CTCC for the group rate.
Please send $69.00 per person to- Pete Kramer, 560 W. 58th Street Hinsdale, IL 60521 (Checks made out to CTCC)

This amount will cover the following:
• Tour of Lambeau Field
• Breakfast on Saturday at Landmark • Trolley Ghost Tour
• Private Catered Omelet Brunch at Vellagios Restaurant

Please respond ASAP as some events and activities have minimums.

The Editor's Notebook- June 2010

The Editor's NOTEbook
By Bert Eisenhour

THE CTCC CALENDAR SHIFTS INTO HIGH GEAR FOR JUNE with the Membership Meeting (10th), the CTCI Convention (15-20) and the Special One-Day Spring Tour Outing on the 27th. (See pg. 10 for Tour.) Speaking of Tours, see page 4 for an Update on the Fall Tour (September 17-20).

If you are signed up to join the CTCC Caravan to Dayton, see the item on page 6 - Dayton Bound Caravan Info. As of press-time, Len Keil adds that each of you who are traveling with the group will also receive the Schedule directly.

An amazing story is presented on page 9: The photo of a fighter plane's near-perfect landing.... sans a pilot! The F-106 is on permanent display at the Wright Patterson AFB Museum. Thanks to Rudy Budach, Convention attendees will have a preview look!

Under the heading of Club News, we can report that Bob Hoge has resigned as Treasurer, while Doug Rogers reprises his role as our Treasurer! (Bob will remain on the Board.)