Sunday, January 16, 2011

Invitation to Aug. 7th Car Show

Subject: Would Classic Thunderbird Club Be Interested In?...........
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 05:52:53 -0600

Hello to Len Keil and the staff at CTCC, It is a voice from the past Steve Maglich formerly of Stallions Gate Mustang/Ford Club but no longer a member of that club.
Annually I throw and all-Ford car show entitled the Shelby/Cobra/Mustang Show at Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.
This years date for the show is Sunday August 7th, 2011 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. We have a backup rain date on Labor Day weekend of Sunday September 4th, 2011 as we have had rain in the past where I am sure most of your T-Bird club would not come out.
I would like to personally invite your club as one of our featured 'Guest Clubs' if you are interested. I remember CTCC attending the 2005 Arlington Heights Ford show with Stallions Gate and it was absolutely an outstanding highlight to the whole show!
If you agree to come this year we would even add your name to the show title and call it the Shelby/Cobra/Mustang/T-Bird Show or highlight your clubs name on our advertisements.
At this time the only other club attending would be the Windy City Cobra Club of Chicago and in 2010 they did 'not' show up in large numbers so I am sure your club would probably outnumber theirs in attendance.
I am aware there is another significant Ford show in Bourbannis that same day your club may have already committed to, but if you haven't, we would love to have you out at Volo. Unfortunately we could not confirm another day around the other Ford show due to scheduling conflicts.
Below I will list things that myself and Volo could offer you for attending. I should note here that this is not a Volo sponsored event but strictly private although Volo is participating in the show for the day by basically leasing the Volo facility to our group. All show proceeds go towards the Marines Toys for Tots program so this is a non-profit event.
The normal price of admission is $20 per car the day of the show. Spectators coming without a car would be charged $12-$13 per person at a separate entrance.
I could offer each CTCC member a $15 admission charge. This includes a goody bag, eligibility for trophy awards and most importantly up to two admission passes into the Volo
museum providing the 2nd person is riding in the car along with the driver. This is a $24 value in itself. As I mentioned, any other proceeds go towards charity.
If you haven't been out to Volo lateley they have vastly improved their facilities, especially outdoors on the show grounds. They now have outdoor bathroom facilities as opposed to the previous porta-potties. They have 3 food areas, one inside and two outside with upgraded food choices as opposed to previous years.
They also have installed a show car pavillion with a music stage. We will be having a live band on stage for the event. Also this year they are opening a 'Beer & Wine' garden on the grounds. They have available an outdoor picnic area for up to 200 people.
Please let me know as soon as possible if your club would be interested in being a guest club for this show. This past year (2010) we offered roughly 42 trophy awards with around 1/2 of them being voted on by car attendees as a peoples choice award. The other awards were fun awards because Volo is a fun place. So to clarify this is not a class-type show car event but geared more towards a fun show with fun awards even though we do recognize a 'best of show' award with 1st/2nd/3rd places behind it.
You can e-mail me back at this address with interest at or call me at my home phone number of (847) 255-0475. Thank You! Regards, Steve Maglich-Show Director

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January- 2011 Outing

A fabulous Brunch and Play!

"SPAMALOT" a hysterical spoof!

Sunday, January 30th -11:45AM

Drury Lane Theatre - Oak Brook Terrace

$59/pp Send checks made out to CTCC to:
560 W. 58th Street - Hinsdale, IL 60521
ASAP as we have a reservation deadline


Editor's Notebook- Dec. 2010


THE FIRST MENTION OF SNOW IN THE WEATHER REPORT didn't stop Tom and Judy Bruin from providing us with an inviting schedule for the Spring Tour- Pg. 7.

The (tentative) CTCC Calendar for 2011 provides a glimpse of things-to-come for our membership. Be sure to check out the January Brunch/Play event that is detailed on page 9. Make your Reservations!

The approach of WINTER signals time for a review of storage for the T-Birds, as well as other collectibles. See page 6 for two (2) Guides.

This issue includes two nostalgic items: The (ca. 1980) Ad (pg. 10) presented the ill-fated replica at $25,000, with a $1000 deposit! The Saturday Evening Post excerpt (page 3) pays tribute to the T-Bird.

Liz Werth reports the successful recovery of photos and info on her computer! The lesson: Make sure you have a working BACKUP!

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