Friday, December 2, 2016

Annual Turkey Dinner


Earlier this year, CTCC received and invite to attend the 3rd Annual Turkey Dinner hosted by the Illinois Region Model A Restorers Club. A number of CTCC members signed up to join in on the festivities in Elburn, IL on November 6th. A glorious Sunday morning greeted members of the Model A Club and CTCC as they headed for the Elburn Lions Community Park noon event. 

We arrived to find 22-Model A Fords parked at the building, while the CTCC con­tingment was comprised of two '57s, a '56 and one Retro T-Bird. As we entered the Legion Hall, we were greeted by the members of the several Chapter Model A Clubs in attendance, and everyone was given a Fall inspired name-tag. Each of the 18-tables featured a decorative center­piece, made up of Indian corn, gourdes, etc. While this outing was not an official CTCC calendar event, our T-Bird group enjoyed the excellent dinner, as well as the chance to meet fellow Ford fans!

Thanks to Dan and Mellinda Pricthett, new CTCC members, who were instrumental in arranging the combined meet­ing of our groups. Salads were served at each of the 18 tables, followed by a look at a 'hidden' number, giving the sequence for entering the buffet food line. Our table number was, of course, 18 the very last in the long list of 106 persons attending the dinner event! Raffle tickets were sold to those with a gambling spirit, providing the very lucky (Model A) winner with a windfall of $235.00! The delicious Turkey dinner was enjoyed by all, and the seemingly endless array of desserts (furnished by the members) left no one complaining of hunger pangs.

CTCC members on-the-scene: Bert Eisenhour, Len and Mary Keil, Pete and Marylu Kramer, Dan and Melinda Pritchett, Ken Smizinski, Len and Irene Vinyard and Bill and Liz Werth. - Editor