Saturday, August 8, 2015

Westmont- 2015

Westmont Cruise Night

It was a beautiful July evening for the Westmont Cruise Night. The theme for the night was Vettes vs.T-birds. Though we were out numbered by the Vettes, the T-birds drew the most crowds and attention.  This year Westmont closed off 3 blocks of Cass Avenue for the show and had two bands playing at each end. There were various vendors set up along the route selling anything from toy cars to popcorn and ice cream cones.  Westmont also allowed people to have drinks out in the street providing you had a wrist band and a plastic cup.  With our restaurant J Fleming across from where we parked, club members were able to get a drink and go out and mingle around their cars  At 6pm, we gathered on the patio of J Fleming Absolutely Delicious for dinner and more conversation.  Joining us for dinner was Tom & Judy Bruin, Mike & Laura Cielenski, Joe & Barb Easdale, Joel Greenberg, Gordon Gluff and Mary Ziemba, Gail Hascek , Raleigh Kean,  Larry & Karen Kelly, Ron Pavlak, Len & Irene Vinyard, Liz & Bill Werth and Jim & Jane Wilson.  Afterwards, everyone strolled up and down Cass Avenue to view all the  cars on display and then returned to converse by their cars.

For the cruise night there were 14 t-birds on display, 2 retro and 12 baby birds.  Thank you to all who came out for the Vettes vs. T-Bird cruise night.        

  ----- Laura Cielenski