Thursday, September 22, 2011



A- Contact Tour Leader and indicate attending.
B- Fill out Registration Form
1- Send check payable to CTCC and mail to Tour Leader ASAP
2- Call and reserve room as indicated on Registration Form


A- All participants should provide the following:
1- Car ready for trip (mechanic tested)
2- Check Fluids- radiator, master cylinder, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid (if applicable) and battery
3- Check tire pressure and tire condition
4- Gas tank full at start point
5- Empty Bladders
6- Attendees should bring the following:
a- Spare Tire
b- Jack
c- Oil, Brake Fluid, Trans Fluid
d- Basic tools (Phillips head and blade screwdrivers, pliers and adjstable wrench)
e- Fire Extinguisher in passenger cabin- not trunk
f- Flash Light
g- Second set of car keys
h- Club radios
j- Name Tags
k- Valid insurance card
l- First Aid Kit
m- Tire pressure gauge
n- Jumper cables
o- Other items as necessary
* The club will have a Car "First-aid Kit" for the trip. However, if your car has chronic issues and problems- please leave your Classic car at home and take your late model car on the trip.


A- Arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to start time.
B- If possible- avoid joining group in route.
C- Obtain Tour Packet from Tour Leader which will contain the following:
1- complete itinerary
2- Names, cell phone numbers, etc. for all attendees
3- Directions, maps, routes etc. of complete tour
D- Check Club radios- select channel for all cars


A- Order of cars in caravan-
1- Classic Thunderbirds
2- Retro Thunderbirds
3- Non-Bird cars
4- Last vehicle (Trailer)
a- Selected by Tour Leader so everyone knows who the last vehicle is.
B- Lights should be ON- no matter how bright and sunny it may be. Keep together while driving: if other vehicles break into our line, they should be passed at the earliest opportunity(slow down and let the other "Birds" get in line in front of you). While we cannot control the flow of traffic (cars merging onto the highway, moving into the right lane to exit, etc.) we CAN control keeping our group together and not spread out all over.
C- Tour Leader will travel at the posted speed limit and stay in the right lane as much as possible.
D- Maintain close intervals (approx. 4 seconds city or rural). Tour leaders will make sure turns are clearly projected to avoid stragglers from missing a turn and getting lost.
E- Stay in single file, do not pass another Member's car.
F- In the event of a mechanical problem, cars not involved are not to pull over to shoulder; proceed to nearest exit and wait for news. Assigned repair car is the only vehicle that should pull off the road to assist car in trouble. This is for the expressway only. Cars on local roads should proceed to the next available parking area. Do not pull off the road for stragglers. Slow down for stragglers to catch up.
G- Maintain radio contact with Tour Director and all members of caavan for indicate turns, etc.


A- Attendees should donate snacks, wine, etc to the Hospitality Room.