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55th Anniversary Thunderbird Celebration
Dearborn, Michigan June 24 to 26, 2010

June will be a busy month. In addition to the CTCI National Convention in Dayton, Ohio, there will be a Dearborn celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the Thunderbird. Many of you may remember a similar celebration in 2005 when we gathered at Ford World Headquarters for the 50th Anniversary. The Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club hosted the 2005 event and has made plans to make this 2010 event even better. Ford Motor Company will be opening up the Dearborn Test Track to participants on Friday and have allowed Thunderbird's of all years to gather for display in front of World Headquarters on Saturday. In addition to these activities there will be dinners at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Thursday and Friday, Ford Rouge Plant tours on Friday and a dinner on Saturday night where you may be allowed to drive your Thunderbird through the streets of Greenfield Village.

You can obtain the registration form for this event at It will include event details and costs for the activities.

This is shaping up to be a great event.

P.O. Box 638 Dearborn, Michigan
Kenwood 3-2000


Ford's new personal car, the Thunderbird, which gave an advance hint of the 1955 Ford car styling trend when it was unveiled earlier this year is now on display in dealers' showrooms in most parts of the country. Deliveries of the first production models began in many cities October 22.

The Thunderbird, with its all steel-body, is the first "personal car" of American manufacture. Ford engineers designed it for a combination of high performance with the comfort, convenience and safety of a conventional car. It measures just four feet, four and 2/10 inches high in the hardtop model, but the Thunderbird will accommodate three people, with rear compartment space for their lug-age. The adjustable steering wheel slides in or out three inches and can be locked in the position the driver prefers. A power seat is standard equipment.

Power steering, power window lifts, and power brakes are available at extra cost - the same convenience features available in the full Ford car line. Roll-up windows and the hardtop give the car year-round utility in any climate. The car's outstanding performance in all speed ranges is provided by a high-torque Ford Y-Block V-8 engine of 292 cubic inches displacement with 3.75 inch bore and 3.3 inch stroke. Compression ratios are 8.1:1 with standard transmission and 8.5:1 with Fordomatic. The engine is rated at 198 hp with Fordomatic, and 193 hp., with standard or overdrive transmission. Engine equipped with standard transmission. Fordomatic and overdrive are available options. Most of the car's parts are interchangeable with regular 1955 Fords, so it can be serviced quickly by any Ford dealer.


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