Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Editor's Notebook- June 2010

The Editor's NOTEbook
By Bert Eisenhour

THE CTCC CALENDAR SHIFTS INTO HIGH GEAR FOR JUNE with the Membership Meeting (10th), the CTCI Convention (15-20) and the Special One-Day Spring Tour Outing on the 27th. (See pg. 10 for Tour.) Speaking of Tours, see page 4 for an Update on the Fall Tour (September 17-20).

If you are signed up to join the CTCC Caravan to Dayton, see the item on page 6 - Dayton Bound Caravan Info. As of press-time, Len Keil adds that each of you who are traveling with the group will also receive the Schedule directly.

An amazing story is presented on page 9: The photo of a fighter plane's near-perfect landing.... sans a pilot! The F-106 is on permanent display at the Wright Patterson AFB Museum. Thanks to Rudy Budach, Convention attendees will have a preview look!

Under the heading of Club News, we can report that Bob Hoge has resigned as Treasurer, while Doug Rogers reprises his role as our Treasurer! (Bob will remain on the Board.)

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