Saturday, June 5, 2010

Convention Preview

For those members who will be attending the Dayton CTCI event, a rare Museum sight will be the F-106 pictured here!

In 1970, this fighter developed a 'flat-spin' (generally considered as unrecoverable). The pilot, following textbook procedure, ejected, assuming that his aircraft was doomed to crash.

What followed is the stuff that you might well expect to find in a Clive Cussler thriller. After the ejection, the A58-0787 recovered by itself. With an empty cockpit, the Delta Dart assumed wings level. Under power (engine throttled back), the F-106 made a near-perfect, gentle belly landing. The weight of the aircraft compressed the snow into ice, allowing the aircraft to weirdly creep across the cornfield.

Rudy Budach included the following with his interesting find: This Bird is supposed to be on display at Wright AFB - site of the CTCI Intl. Convention in June.

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