Saturday, June 5, 2010

Newsletter Award

Subj: Golden Quill Awards
Date: 5/6/10 1:22:18 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Congratulations to our CTCI chapter Editors who have won recognition with Old Cars
Weekly Golden Quill Award!
Here is the full article to read:

Note to Bob: I let them know that your name was misspelled on their list, so they can correct it on your certificate.

Golden Quill Award- Regions and Chapters
Sub Compacts
Birds-Eye View, Bob Depaola, editor, Chapter 78, Classic Thunderbird Club International

Honorable Mention:
Bird-News, Bert Eisenhour, Editor, Classic Thunderbird Club Of Chicagoland - CTCI Chapter 9

Lin Somsak, Editor
EarlyBird magazine
Classic Thunderbird Club International
direct phone: 714.893.5331

Subj: RE: Golden Quill Awards
Date: 5/6/10 5:27:34 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Bob & Bert,
Congratulations on your recognition by Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award. As a former Chapter newsletter editor I know the hard work that goes into producing a publication on a regular basis. The Chapter newsletter is the life blood of the organization and necessary to maintain communication among members, to recruit new members, and to preserve Chapter history. Thanks again for your efforts and I hope you have entered the CTCI newsletter contest with your publications.

Martin Bierman
2010 CTCI President

Thanks to Lin and Martin for the kind words of encouragement.- Editor

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