Saturday, May 22, 2010

A T-Bird?--- Well, Sort Of...


(See Page 7 of the April issue.) Ignoring any possibility of its being April Fool's Day, CTCC member. Perry Anthony, drove a stake into the heart of the matter!
Perry's long list of discrepancies supports his observation that the photo is really nof a '57 T-Bird. Still another clue is the flared rear-fender area, just barely visible in the photo.

So, we thank Perry for his keen powers of observation, earning him the coveted (?)


First of all, this must really be a '57 two tone Retractable. is my list of errors when viewed as a T-Bird:
> Two tone paint
> Rear deck lid
> Chrome tail fin trim
> Right external rear view mirror
> Accent chrome on fenders and door
> Fuel door location
> Fuel door on wrong side
> Wheel covers
> No wind wings
> Rear fender design
> Door design
> Front fender design
> Door handles
> Visors
> Door window shape
> Door window trim
> Steering wheel
> Seat pattern
> No top hold down deck plates
> No chrome trimmed rear deck garnish trim

Also, as an observation, the female passenger seems rather "possessive" when viewing the cute
waitress who seems to have captured the interest of the male driver.


Date: 4/14/2010
Hi Bert,
My list:
trunk lid - wrong curvature; chrome-strip over fins (rear fender); gas cap door - wrong side of car; wrong door handle; chrome on door; fairing over rear wheel well; wrong door shape; no left side mirror; wrong hub caps; wrong wind wings; wrong shape of side windows; wrong sun visor arms; rear-view mirror arm too long; outside mirror - right side; windshield pillar chrome too short, no hood scoop; no holes on deck for tops; wrong seat-back; no hash marks; no T- bird script; no door lock buttons; wrong steering wheel (spoke at top); (possible) chrome strip over front wheel well.
Gordon Gluff

Editor's Comment: Gordon has extracted a significant number of design features that are definitely not incorporated in the design of a T-Bird! (We will anxiously await Gordon's comments after he reads Perry's astute analysis of the Challenge.)

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