Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Editor's Notebook- May 2010

the Editor's Notebook

THE CALENDAR INDICATES NO SCHEDULED EVENT for the month of May, however, the Meeting on June 10th signals the start of a very busy summer!

If you are planning to join the CTCC Caravan to Dayton, see the item on pg. 6 and contact Len Keil.

The response to the April Cover Photo QUIZ is presented on page 7 along with some additional info.

The second Photo Quiz (page 7 in the April issue) drew interesting comments from two of our members (see pg. 3), while EARLY BIRD Editor, Lin Somsak, found the challenge to be a bit 'tricky' based on the fact that she and Bill own a retractable! Lin and Perry Anthony spotted the deceit, however. Perry amassed quite a list!

Member, Joe Kahn, sheds some additional light on the mysterious Tucker Convertible that was pictured on page 6 of the April issue. It is the car with 'no Birth Certificate' (see Joe's story on page 6).

An update on the CTCC Fall Tour planning is presented on pg. 8.


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