Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Presidents Report- Feb. 2009



On the masthead of the BIRD-NEWS you will find all the names and responsibilities of all Board Members. Next to Bob Wenderski you will find the Title of Librarian. The obvious question to the uninitiated, what does a librarian have to do with a car club? Obvious answer: to organize, catalog all T-Bird related materials. For example: shop manuals of every description, chassis, engine trim etc. The collection includes related magazines of all descriptions, and nearly any article ever written about our 'Birds - from day one to the present time.

Your club has the most in depth-collection of this material to be found - anywhere!

Think you have a problem or situation unique to your T-Bird; think again, any "happening" is most likely covered in this library.

Alas, our CTCC library is not fully used by club members, this writer included. Maybe, with this editorial, more members will take advantage of this great source of information.
Bob is known for his absolute pursuit of perfection, as evidenced by his Gold Medallion '55; his quest for perfection rolls over to his stewardship of this great library.

Since the CTCC Spring Tech Session (tentatively) scheduled to beld at Bob's garage in April of 2009, this event would be a perfect time to check out your Club's extensive library.

With winter here, and most projects on our 'Birds soon to start, it is an ideal time to utilize this treasure trove of information.

Contact Bob at anytime for library access.

- Len Keil

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