Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cover- January 2009 Bird News

Yesteryear~ Shown here is an illustration of a "1955 1/2" Thunderbird Replica, which was advertised by Regal ROADSTERS some years ago. The company, located in Madison, Wisconsin, was one of several builders who attempted to replicate the original T-Bird and capitalize on its continuing popularity as a collector car. One of the most familiar names is Shay Reproductions, a company that offered Model A Ford and 1955 T-Bird Replicas! Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, Shay required a $1,000 deposit with any order for a T-Bird. Thunderbird CLASSIC Motor Car Reproduction, located in Los Angeles, California, offered a 1957 T-Bird reproduction.

Most offerings utilized Ford, 4-cylinder engines and standard chassis/drive-train components, as well as brakes and suspension. (The California group brochure listed four available 1957 grades, the Custom model being equipped with a V-8.)

Public acceptance was marginal, at best; these replicas, appearing in the 70s and 80s, were priced in the $25,000 range, the relatively high cost driving away many potential buyers.

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