Friday, March 20, 2009

Food Pantry Donations


photo- CTCC donations to the Food Pantry

Thank you to all who donated personal care items in our first endeavor to help fill the bin at the food pantry of the People's Resource Center in Wheaton. CTCC Pizza Party guests contributed a total of 126 items ranging from shampoo to shaving cream. We even received a playful stuffed frog which will find its way into a child's birthday bag. The food pantry is open eight times a week for once-a-month visits by low income residents. Last year, 5,618 families received provisions from People's Resource Center food pantries. This equaled 23,293 grocery carts filled with food and, if available, one thing from the "personal items" bin which CTCC has helped stock.

The one weekly shift that Bill and I help staff serves 30 to 35 families. Doing the math, the CTCC donation will last less than a week. Please consider bringing full size personal care items (shampoo is a favorite of the clients) to the March 12 meeting at Russell's to again help fill the bin.

Thank you so much for your most gracious generosity.
- LizWerth


Sheila said...

Liz, this an awesome donation for a wonderful nonprofit. I work at a nonprofit and groups like yours are so vital to fulfill our missions of helping those in poverty. Even in affluent areas like DuPage and Kane Counties, there is a great and under-recognized need. Kudos to your group.

Shaving cream said...

It is wonderful that there are still people like you who want to help other people.