Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thunderbird Anthology CD

Thunderbird Anthology 2005 CD

THANKS TO MEMBER RUDY BUDACH, we have a NEW storehouse of information and photos on the 1955 - 2005 Ford Thunderbirds! This photographic encyclopedia for the TBird contains nearly 600 photos, videos, hundreds of graphics, TV commercials and much more to guide your tour. The compact disc was produced by: HI-TECH SOFTWARE. 10 Little Tarn Court, Hardyston, NJ 07419. Visit:

The 1955 section contains 55 photos, some of which are from Ford advertisements (see the cover and page 7 of this issue) in addition to many 'Birds appearing in Concours and car show events. etc.

While Rudy indicates that he paid $40+ for his copy of the CD in 2006, the above-mentioned website indicates a price of $19.95 plus a $5 shipping charge. There is also a Thunderbird Ads CD with over 200 Ford advertisements (1955-1969). This CD is priced at only $14.95 (plus $5 shipping). Look for more photos as space permits.

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