Thursday, March 13, 2008

California Calamity

California Calamity ....
Classic Car Fan Saved Family, Then His Cars


Don Benson's 1957 Thunderbird was once Starlight (Starmist) Blue with a white hardtop. Now it's a black shell sitting in a heap of soot-covered paint cans, spare carburetors and hubcaps.

His house and garage burned down Sunday, but he didn't see the ruins until Tuesday.

"I already talked to a neighbor who said it was leveled to the ground, so I guess I was prepared," Benson said.

He and his wife fled to a friend's home in another of his classic cars Sunday when flames rushed down the hillside behind his property after he moved his 1964 ivory-white Galaxy out of harm's way.

As he surveyed the destruction Tuesday, a neighbor drove by and stopped long enough to call out. "I hope God is good to you, Don."

"I believe in him, but sometimes it wears thin," Benson called back.

source: AP - Associated Press

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