Thursday, March 13, 2008

Editors Notebook- Feb 2008

WITH OUR CTCC T-BIRDS SAFELY IN HIBERNATION, as we endure the onslaught of winter weather, we offer some auto-related items, as well as "new" T-Bird photos/information. Since 2008 represents the 100th Anniversary of the running of the New York to Paris Great Race, a bit of local history is presented on pages 5 and 6.

A relatively new source for Thunderbird photos, specifications, Ford advertisements, etc., is The Thunderbird Anthology CD. Refer to page 8 for more information on this unique collection of Thunderbird lore. This month's cover-photo, as well as the one on page 7, is from this source. Page 9 features a portion of the full-page Macy's ad that appeared in a recent issue of the Chicago Tribune. The caption was "You're invited to celebrate love." Note that the '57 'Bird is fitted with wire-wheels. Could this be a T-Bird owned by one of our Members? If you have any information on the origins of this advertisement, let me know.

The ever-popular FREE Pizza Party at Jake's Pizza is scheduled for February 14th. (See page 10.) The Calendar is updated to include the dates for the Spring Tour (See Back-Cover for Preview). Be sure to checkout the item relating to the progress being made on our new CTCC Website. Webmaster, Joel Greenberg, outlines the exciting, developing news in his report on page 6.

Also, on page 6, the photo of the famous 1907 Thomas Flyer: This is the very same vehicle that was permitted to participate in the Great American Race! It was quite thrilling to see this car in action on the cross-country event, especially in view of the fact that the American Flyer was the winner of the 1908 New York-to-Paris Race!

NEW CTCC MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY - The 2008 CTCC Roster will be updated for publication/mailing with the March issue of Bird-News. If you have any changes, please notify our Membership Chair, Madeline Zambon as soon as possible. Direct your mail to Madeline at: 24346 South Timberline Trail, Crete, IL 60417. CTCC Roster information: Dale Sherwood change zip code from 60127 to 60123. Urszula Mounts: (was Ursala) correct spelling to Urszula.


-- Bert Eisenhour, Ed. Bird-News

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