Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tech Tip- Headlight Wires

Headlight Wires

One of the easiest electrical components to inspect and yet one of the most overlooked components of your 1955-57 electrical system are the wires to your headlights. Over the years, the three wires which connect to your headlights become exposed due to vibration, age or corrosion. If these exposed wires ever short out by touching the metal of your car, you can do serious damage to your wiring harness and/or the other components of your car's electrical system. New headlight wires are sold through the many parts supply houses and come "ready made," complete with connectors. Their cost is usually below $20.00 each.

The procedure to check the condition of your headlight wires is very easy. Simply remove the headlight bezel of your car by unscrewing the one retaining screw at the bottom of the bezel. Remove the headlight bezel by lifting up and away. Be careful not to scratch your paint or damage the metal clip at the top of the headlight bezel. Next. remove the headlight retaining ring. This is the metal ring which fits over your headlight. It is held in place by three screws. Make sure you unscrew the retaining ring screws and not the screws which adjust the angle of your headlights. Your headlight should slide freely away from the car exposing the headlight wires behind the headlight. Inspect your wires for exposed sections or corroded contacts. If your wires have not been replaced, they should be.

To replace your wires, remove the headlight from the wire connector. Install your new wires and connector to your headlight. Take your old wires and push them through the hole leading to the fender well. Push your new wires through this same hole. Follow this same procedure of removing your old wires step by step and immediately replacing them, in the same location, with your new wires. You will end up at a small junction box located in the front of your engine compartment. near each of your headlights. Follow your old wires to find the exact location. Disconnect each old wire one at a time and replace with the same color new wire. You will do this for each of the three headlight wires of each headlight. Once you have connected your wires you are done.

source: CTCC Tech-Tip Manual 1993-1997

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