Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Search for Dream Tour Cars

FORD'S AMERICAN DREAM CAR TOUR In 2000 when Ford announced that it would begin building the 2002-model Thunderbird, Americans in major cities across the country had a chance to win one of three 1950s era classic Thunderbirds as part of a special tour designed to build on the excitement of the car that has become a national icon. Beginning Memorial Day weekend on May 27, 2000, three mid-1950s era white, two-seat road­sters began a tour driving through the streets of 144 cities and towns as a part of Ford's "American Dream Car Tour." The tour kicked off in southern California, south Florida and the greater New York area. It continued through August 20. People spotting one of the classic white Thunderbirds sporting the American Dream Car Tour logo could enter a sweepstakes and could win one of three vintage cars. The observers could enter online or mail a letter stating infor­mation on the day, city and approximate loca­tion they saw the car. The sweepstakes winners were announced in October. Dealers were not yet taking orders for the new 2002 Thunderbird. However, the American Dream Car Tour was the first step in Ford's mar­keting efforts for the new car. Two of the Dream Cars (white '55's with red interiors) were restored for this promotion by Justin Minter (Amos Minter's son) and his crew in Dallas. A third Thunderbird was purchased from Prestige Thunderbird in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The winners of these cars were Kirn Marsella of Greenwich, CT, Griggon Barry of Springdale, AR and Jeff Peck of Deltona, FL. Where are fhese cars today? -Dave Tulowitzky | Trail Bird News 2012

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