Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bristol Renaissance Faire-



The T-Birders made quite a stir at the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Pirate Weekend July 17th. Once again, CTCC swooped in on the quaint renaissance-like village that comes to life for just a few short weeks each summer, with myriad entertainers, merchants and entertainers all plying their skills, trade and wares in period correct (but fashion-backward) attire. In attendance were Judy and Tom Bruin, Doug and Soon Rogers, Ed Levin and Rose Kovalenko, Len and Mary Keil. Pete and Marylu Kramer, Bill and Liz Werth. Annie Luginbill and
oel Greenberg, and Andy Rominiecki. Tagging along for the fun in full pirate regalia (but in a regular car), were Karisa Bruin and her fellow actress Rebecca Mauldin. We had 7 little 'Birds, and one "retro" ' Bird.

After a leisurely stroll around the sizeable fair grounds and village, we took in some of the traditional offerings. Highlights included the always enjoyable mud pit show, enjoying an ice cold adult beverage while watching real live knights joust, watching fairies dance among the trees, a true renaissance lunch consisting of artichokes by the dozen (Look, ma, no silverware!), BBQ turkey legs, beef sandwiches and more cold adult beverages. All of this was enjoyed while watching the endless parade of colorful and shapely costumed faire-goers. Of particular interest was the growing frequency of chainmail bikini sightings (If there is such a thing as Fashion Police, they were sorely missing on this day....it appears these metallurgical wonders come in every size imaginable! And. if you want to plan ahead for next year, rest assured any one of us could pull it off with enough chainmail!)

Next year, all T-Bird members are expected to participate in the bawdy mud lights - You can be a Spartan or a Trojan, but remember that Trojans, unlike our classic T-Birds, are unbreakable!

Karisa Bruin

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