Tuesday, August 27, 2013

President's Report

PRESIDENT'S REPORT Meteorologically at least, spring has flown and won't return until next year, and another summer is underwater - oops! - I meant to say underway! The floods we have experienced in early summer seem to be the worst ever - but according to the State of the Climate" website, through April 2011, we have received more rainfall than through April 2013. Is this possible? The good news is that we appear to be gaining ground against the drought which has plagued the Midwest in recent years -except this past week when we have experienced high temps, and drought conditions. As the hot weather approaches - remember the following bit of information from Ken, during our Tech Sessions: "Use only Conventional Green Antifreeze coolant from Auto-zone or Car Quest. Do not use Extended Life if you have a cast iron block" - as most of us have. (See: June 2013 Bird-News) In the latest Early Bird (July-August 2013), there are a number of interesting articles: 1. Congratulations once again to Bert, for receiving the Golden Quill Award "Regional Sub Compact". Page 4 2. "Don't Leave Home without Them" Page 20 This list suggests items you should take on a tour. Wow!! If we took the "Need, Nice and Extra" items, our trunks would not even carry it all with no room for luggage. Thank God for Ken and others for the "First Aid Kit" they bring along on our Tours. Incidentally, our Board has developed the "Tour Attendees Guide" - available on our Website, which deals with some of these items. Page 20 3. Thanks to Bill and Liz, for their article on C.T.C.C.- Past, Current, and Future Activities and Events. Page 51 4. "For The Birds" Central Illinois Area Mitch and Pat Mitchell (members of C.T.C.C. and FTB) and other FTB members joined us for lunch and the museum visit during the first leg of our Spring Tour to Decatur. Page 53 5. 40th Annual Birds in the Dells - Door County If anyone is interested in tagging along to Door County with the Fox Valley Thunderbirds of Wisconsin on September 13-15. Sign up and registration deadlines are fast approaching. Page 64 Last Saturday, we went on our annual Day Trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. It was their "Swashbucklers" theme event, and we had three wenches in our group. My favorite show was the "Greatest Show on Earth" also known as the "Mud Pit". If you like the Three Stooges, you'll love this show and 1 loved it! Must be a guy thing. Several of us saw it. Look lor the Complete Event report. Shout outs to Annie and Joel for coordinating. The Board is in the process of obtaining C.T.C.C. window flags to be used by Non-Classic Birds at the rear of the caravan to indicate to the non-caravan cars to not cut into our group. Thanks to Bill and Liz, for heading this up. Please review our C.T.C.C. Calendar on Page 2 for Events for future events. RSVP with each coordinator as soon as possible, and make an effort to attend as many events as possible. Remember -the C.T.C.C. is Your Club - Get Involved! Stay Healthy and Drive Safely - President Pete

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