Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spring Tech Session 2008

Sat. April 19th -- THE TRIP TO THE KEIL'S NEW HOME IN JOHNSBURG began at 8 a.m. when my 'Limo Driver' Bill Werth picked me up to start our (rainy) 1-hour trip north.

photo caption: Len Keil at work on his 1957 fuse wiring.

Arriving on-location at 9 o'clock, we found a vast spread of pastries, etc., set-up in the spacious garage by Mary Keil. We learned that Jim Wilson was en route in his '57, but had suffered a freak failure of his accelerator linkage! Ken was on his way to the scene, but found the damage to be severe, precluding any chance of roadside repair... The seemingly endless supply of edibles and coffee helped us fill-in the time as we awaited Ken's return to start the T-Bird Tech-Session at 10:30 a.m.

PROJECT: Install a small, non-obtrusive, 30 amp. fuse-holder to protect the under-dash wiring loom on 'Birds fitted with electronic ignition systems. This safety measure eliminates the possibility of shorting out the wiring, should the ignition key remain in the "ON" position with the engine not running. The damage can occur in a matter of minutes, as the coil-resistor (P/N 12250) overheats. The Bussman assembly, BP/HHG-RP, sells for a mere $2.99, thus making this minor deviation from 'pure stock' well worth the effort and cost - since the end-result is protection of the entire wiring system! Ken pointed out that this installation serves a dual-purpose, since removal of the fuse prevents anyone from starting the engine!

A number of members were involved in the project, as indicated in some of the event photos. With several T-Birds parked in the driveway, the Keil hacienda became a point-of-interest for several neighbors! Mary Keil made the 'Iuncheon-run,' and she returned at 12:30 with some very tasty, monster Subway sandwiches, a welcome treat for our band of hungry T-Birders. Other items were included in the session, e.g., the timing on Bob Sroka's '57 was checked and adjusted. Ken reiterated his recommendation that the best solution to the question as to best oil for the T-Bird engines is: Shell - Rotella T (at $8.95 per gallon). This product overcomes some of the hazards to camshaft life compared to other oils that have reduced zinc content.

All-in-all, a very valuable session for us. Thanks to Mary (aided by Sandi Kraatz) for the food projects and Len, for making his spotless garage available!

Shade-Tree Mechanics: Dan Anderson, Steve Davajon, Bert Eisenhower, Pete Ekstrom, Jim Elijah, Gordon Gluff, Joel Greenberg, Len Keil, Joe Kraatz, Pete Kramer, Paul Mounts, Ron Pavlov, Lloyd Schellin, Gary Smithe, Ken Smizinski, Bob Sirocco, Paul Ureche, Len Vinyard, Bob Wenderski, Bill Werth, Joe Wintz, Tom Wolfe and Joe Zambian. A special note of appreciation for Ken's Tech info.

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