Saturday, June 7, 2008

Editor's Notebook - May 2008

WITH SPRING TEMPERATURES HAVING (FINALLY) ARRIVED, we look forward seeing the classic T-Birds escape their long winter hibernation! In fact, four intrepid members drove their 'Birds to the CTCC Tech-Session on April 19th! See pages 7 and 8 for the story and pics. In addition to the members listed, we had Prospective Member, Don Roerkottl, joining our group. We hope to extend our official WELCOME to Don in the June issue.

photo caption: Bill Werth's camera, with Mary Keil at the controls, captures the majority of the CTCC members who attended the club's annual Spring Tech Session on April 19th. A few members had already departed at the time when this photo was taken.

The Spring Tour caravan heads out for Dearborn, Michigan on Friday, May 2nd. Good weather is on tap!

The cover photo this month features an "action shot" of a 1956 T-Bird taking off at the Daytona Beach Time Trials. Unfortunately, the Thunderbird Anthology CD doesn't include any information pertaining to the photographs included in the collection. The CD does include a number of reference sections, including listings of Specifications, Standard equipment and (Special) "extra-cost" items. Stay tuned for more pics/info. On page 6, we present what appears to be an official Ford photo of a (stock) 1956 and listings of Factory Options and Additional Cost Options. Again, this is one of the items from the CD referenced above.

Following a yearlong effort to trace the origins of the Thunderbird Club of America (TCOA), I believe the information that appears on page 9 offers the answer to the question.

A recent note from Great Race headquarters indicates that the 2008 New York to Paris event has been POSTPONED! In what has to be considered a monumental task to obtain clearances for passage of the vehicles through a number of foreign countries, the Chinese have refused permits for entrants and staff...

Note: Our membership is: 113, as we Welcome Back Chris Oie (Pg. 4). Add the name to your '08 Roster. The Back-Cover -Tech Session - Group Photo was taken by Mary Keil, using Bill Werth's Digital camera! Other Tech-Session Photo Credits: PAGE 7 - Bill Werth. PAGE 8 - Top Row: Editor; Bottom Row: Bill Werth (Left Col.) and Ed. (Right Col.)

DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION - In what must have been an attack of Mad Cow disease (loyal fans of the outrageous TV series, Boston Legal, will understand!), I allowed the March and April issues to carry the incorrect Volume number. If you file your copies of BIRD-NEWS, please change your issues to read: Volume 47.

-- Bert Eisenhour, Ed. Bird-News

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