Wednesday, June 25, 2008

48 in 08 - June update 1

So much has been happening the last few weeks for the 48 in 08 tour, we're sending a second June Update. Please note and share the following information.

The website has been updated several times since June 1st. Please check the website regularly for the latest news. New and addition information since June 1st include:
- An updated Schedule
- Hotels list now includes almost all overnights
- Plans in Sacramento
- Photo of SCVT chapter classic T-Birds with their 48 in 08 car door decals
- McPherson car window decals
- and, By the time I get to Phoenix - The Contest.
Yes, we're having a contest called "By the time I get to Phoenix....."!
Contestants must guess the number of miles Betsy Bird travels from the California Capitol to the Arizona Capitol. Entries are $1 each or 6 entries for $5. ALL of the proceeds will be donated to the McPherson College Historic Automobile Restoration Program. Be sure to enter during the Portland Convention or when you meet us on the tour.

Registration Forms are due by June 30th. If you are driving a portion of the 48 in 08 tour, please mail your Registration Form to Doc by June 30th. There is no fee to register and the information on the form will help us contact you before we meet on the tour.

One last item: We would like to take a photo during the convention of the 48 in 08 participants. If you will be in Portland, please let us know.

Lucy Clark, CTCI # 26656, 714-630-4066
Doc Dockter, CTCI # 33331, Cell 650-759-4302

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