Monday, December 3, 2007

Great Race 2008 Email

To: BEBluebird

Hi Bert,

Just received the CTCC newsletter and wanted to bring you up to date on the Great Race. I officially withdrew from the race do to NO prize money. The Ewing's are making it an "adventure". I have been on enough adventures. The dates have also changed along with the original route. It is now going to be May 30th through August 2nd. The only thing similar to the original GR is that it will start in NY and end in Paris. That is about the extent of it. They have a new web site now that explains how it is going to work and the route but still lots of unanswered questions for me and others.

I have decided to retire from great racing. Time to go on to other things and adventures to fill up my summers. We won our rookie year, we won sportsman division in 2005 and the Grand Championship in 2007. Charlie and I both agree it's nice to go out on top.

Looks like you guys have been very active. Maybe one of these summers I'll be able to schedule another stop at one of your functions.

Best Regards,
Bob LaBine

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