Monday, December 3, 2007

Editor's Notebook - Dec 2007

THE FINAL EVENT ON THE CTCC CALENDAR FOR 2007 is the Annual Holiday Party at Chandler's Restaurant on December 8th. We then welcome in Winter and the New Year (OK, at least the latter) with the first CTCC event set for January 27th at the Willowbrook Ballroom. Check for the particulars that appear on page 10. Pete and Marylu Kramer have planned this unique outing. The ever-popular FREE Pizza Party is scheduled for February 14th.

The approach of the New Year brings with it your DUES RENEWAL. Madeline Zambon, our Membership Chair, would like to receive your payment prior to Jan. 1, 2008.

Thanks to Joel Greenberg for submitting the Eastwood catalog which featured a '56 T-Bird on the cover. The 'Bird photo is reproduced on the rear-cover of this issue.

Also, our thanks to Annie Luginbill for providing still another edition of "License Plates With A Message" - see the listing that appears on page 7.

While there are many write-ups on the topic of Winter Storage for collector cars, we draw on an excellent article that appeared in the THUNDERBIRD Scoop in the Oct./Nov. 1990 issue - page 8.

Having previously mentioned the "48 in 08" event scheduled for 2008, we herein present a section of the route which precedes and follows the group's visit to Springfield, Illinois on August 21st. See page 6 for the schedule and map information. Perhaps CTCC can participate in a portion of the trip, which is designed to visit 48 State Capitols in 59 days - and travel a total of 13,065 miles!!! Visit the website for info and detailed routing.

Check out your (neighbor's?) garage: A 1953 Corvette sold for $440,000 at the Hilton Head Sports & Classic Car Auction on November 3rd! ('53 Vette production was a mere: 315 units.)

Happy Holidays from the Officers, Directors, and Membership of C.T.C.C.

-- Ed., Bird-News

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