Monday, December 3, 2007

Even Dreamier ... Even Newer

Even dreamier - even newer...
. . . Ford THUNDERBIRD for '56

The newest version of America's most thrilling dream-car-come-true is here...

. . . ready and waiting to take you places as you've never gone before, in new style that will draw admiring glances wherever you go.

One trial spin in the new Thunderbird is enough to quicken the pulse of even the most seasoned driver. You feel you could drive all day . . . just enjoying the enormous Thunderbird V-8 power as it responds to your slightest command! And you can have it with Fordomatic, Overdrive or Conventional Drive.

You can choose power assists to help you steer, stop, control the windows and seat. Cornering never was flatter. The ride was never better. And, depending on your whim,. you can have a convertible fabric top or a removable hardtop -- or both! You feel extra safe, too. For you know Ford's exclusive Lifeguard Design rides with you.

You feel just a little proud when you pull up at a light. You know that your car's long, low lines are the most distinctive on the road. Interiors sparkle with new color. And that new rear-mounted spare tire adds as much to the appearance of the car as it does to your luggage space.

These experiences are your everyday fare when you drive a Thunderbird. Why miss them another day!

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