Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  My Lords and Ladies  The Queen is Coming

An event where you adorn yourself with your Sundays best.  A once in a lifetime experience, July 19th, we all enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of her arrival at the Bristol Renaissance Faire  Those attending were:  Tom & Judy Bruin, Bill & Liz Werth, Jim & Jane Wilson, Bob & Barbara Sroka, Len & Mary Keil, Bob & Helen Hoge (A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HELEN), Lloyd & Joan Schellin, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, and as late arrival were Len & Irene Vinyard with family.

As we entered the gates, 16th century Old England awaits.  Step back in time to meet the Queen and here court as they travel to Bristol to escape the summer heat of London.  We were able to view her arrival as the parade past by.  A full compliment of servants, entertainers, ladies in waiting, Royal Guard and Beefeaters formed the procession.  Behind these were the soothsayers, jesters, witches and peasants.

All were able to eat, drink, and make merry while roaming amongst, jousting knights, and saucy wenches.  Entertainment included, knife throwing, archery, whip demonstrations, female sword fighting, Bagpipes with Scottish dancers as well as many games and stages of the improv troops performances.  There were also Shoppes exhibiting all kinds of hand-crafted items, costumes, glass, pottery, Jewelry and much more.

With all this frolicking and cavorting it leaves one in need of food and drink.  A bountiful supply of refreshments from the giant turkey legs to ice-cold sassafras, beers and ales were always just a step away.  You could rest around the Maypole where the Steampunk costume contest showed us all an imaginative array of apparel.

We finished our day by viewing a standing room only arena while watching the Knights joust to the final victor becoming the Grand Knight.

Thank you to all that attended, and a special thanks to Joel and Annie for arranging an excursion that we will all remember.  HUZZAH!!!

Barbara Sroka

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