Monday, July 28, 2014

Board Report


In lieu of the Presidents Report, this month we are presenting a report from the Board.

We have had a pretty full calender of events so far this year.  This started with our largest Tech Session, when 34 members and friends gathered at the garage of  Bob Wenderski where, among other things, we heard a presentation on car care from Jim Heidel, a spokesman and representative from Turtle Wax. After lunch, a number of members finished the day by viewing a private car collection which Bob arranged for us to tour.

Beautiful weather prevailed for our Spring Tour - a four-day outing to Springfield, Illinois, coordinated by Len and Mary Keil. Our large turnout was augmented by participation from several neighboring clubs and representatives from CTCI honoring us with their participation. While this was our clubs fourth trip to Springfield, we always find something new and different to see and experience each time we go there.

Cruises and car shows have occupied many weekends and evenings. After spending a Saturday driving around the community of Crystal Lake, which included a visit to a downtown shopping center, members in eight cars showed up at a surprise 80th birthday party for Cora Claypool. (Her family had contacted the club via the Internet about providing her with the opportunity to cross a ride in a 1957 Thunderbird off her bucket list.) While she got to ride in both a 1957 and a 1956 Thunderbird, which thrilled her immensely, the rest of us put on a show for the other party guests.  From there, it was off to the Dog and Suds opening car show of the season where we were joined by additional club members.

Mike and Laura Cielenski coordinated a lunch at White Fence Farms on Route 66 in Romeoville, giving members an opportunity to get together once again.

Our club was also contacted by the management firm for several shopping centers in the southern suburbs of Chicago, requesting us to do a couple of car shows. The first  one we did at the Orland Park Crossing drew over a dozen members and several T-Birds from non-members. This presented us with an opportunity to recruit new members; although that has not panned out yet, contacts have been made. Unfortunately, our second show, at the Kensington Center in Plainfield, for which 15 members signed up, was cancelled due to thunderstorms that morning.

The Board has purchased 25 grill medallions with the club logo. It was initially decided to give one to any member who participated in both of these car shows. However, with the second show being a rain-out, we will have to rethink what we want to do with them. The balance of the medallions were to be made available to club members at cost.

For our next event, 20 members and 10 cars are scheduled to go to Bristol Renaissance Faire this Saturday, July 19th. This will be the fourth year we have visited the Faire. Other members who will not be able to go with the club have purchased our discount tickets and will be going on their own later in the summer as their schedules permit.

Club members and their Thunderbirds have been participating in numerous local car shows so far this summer.

The calendar for the remainder of the driving season is just as loaded with activities for club members to do together. Included are our annual picnic and Fall Tour. Check the Calender of Events on the web site or in the Bird News for details.

Joel Greenberg

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