Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tech Session- 2014

Thirty-four CTCC members and guests gathered at Bob Wenderski's on Saturday, April 26 for our annual Tech Session and Spring Dust-Off event.  Dick Murray from AACA reported that he sold his '49 Cadillac four door and was looking for another older model with four doors!  We drank coffee and munched rolls before our guest speaker, Jim Heidel, from Turtle Wax began his presentation.

A tire was brought in to show application of Turtle Wax Tire Shine. Itwas sprayed on and let dry for a few minutes before reapplication for a greater shine. Jim cautioned that it must be allowed to dry between coats or lines would show on the tire. Turtle Wax & Dry was discussed next. It should be wiped off with microfiber or terrycloth  and not applied to glass as it will leave a residue. He discussed carnuba paste wax and headlight lens restorer. Free samples of "Ice" car wash concentrate and interior wipes were given out.

After the guest speaker Ken Smizinski discussed Marvel Mystery Oil which is similar to Pyroil, providing top end lubrication but should not be mixed with Sea Foam.  Disc brake conversions were discussed.  They are not maintenance free and can lead to bearing problems and oxidation of pads.  If the speedometer is shaky, the cable can be lubricated with graphite.  Slick 50 or Marvel Mystery Oil can be used to keep the diaphragm softened in vacuum wipers.

Most of us went to lunch at the Tap House Grill in Highwood and afterward drove to Highland Park to view the Richard Sacks Car Collection.  Rich was an amiable host, describing in detail each of his twenty cars.  The Collection was eclectic, featuring postwar British, General Motors, and a Lincoln four door convertible.   Rich discussed the one Thunderbird that he had owned, a '57 "C" 'Bird with a 292 and 3- speed, which he felt was underpowered!

By Jim Wilson

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