Wednesday, May 28, 2014

8 Thunderbirds flock to the party.


Often, what we take for granted, other people dream of. Such was the case of Cora Claypool. About a month or so ago, I received an email thru the club's website. Jill said her mother was turning 80 and they were planning a surprise party for her (she is also a 3 year survivor of pancreatic cancer). One of the items on her bucket list was to take a ride in a 1957 Thunderbird. Was there anything we could do?

By coincidence, the club was planning an outing in the area of the party on the day of the party. We arranged to stop by at a preset time and give Cora a ride in a 1957 Thunderbird. People at the party were amazed when 8 Thunderbirds pulled up in front of the house (1 1955, 1 1956, 5 1957s and 1 1959). Cora was absolutely ecstatic. Len gave her a short ride in his 1957. Then she got in Bob's 1956 (with the top down) and they were gone for 15-20 minutes. While people at the party were looking over the remaining cars, Cora was having a dream come true.

The family was very appreciative of what we did. When I asked Cora why she wanted a ride in a 1957 Thunderbird, she replied that she always thought of it as THE American sports car. She was very excited and thrilled about the opportunity. If we had more time I am sure she would have loved to go for a ride in each of the cars. About a short hour later, we were on our way. Everyone was happy about what we did- but no one was happier than Cora. I think we helped make it a special day for her.

Joel Greenberg

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