Sunday, June 9, 2013

President's Report, June 2013


For Calendar: June 22 Afternoon-Evening Cruise Night - Fox Lake - Tom Bruin

Oct. 13 Day Cruise & Brunch at Crandall's Lake Geneva Museum - Bob Hoge

On behalf of the CTCC Board and Membership I would like to give Rose and Ed a big shout out and thanks for all the work and planning on our recent Spring Tour to Decatur in early May. Unfortunately, the rainy weather precluded driving our Baby 'Birds.

Please review the Events Calendar, as there are some revisions and additions.

"Hemmings Daily" indicated in their last newsletter, that a proposal for increasing the ethanol level to E-30 is being considered by the EPA. Currently, we have 10 % ethanol in our fuel. Even an increase to 15% would be detrimental to our engines, let alone any additional increase. The high cost of corn, plus the cost of production and more pollution, would result in much higher cost and impact on our atmosphere. Please contact your legislator, objecting to any more ethanol percentage increases. There are other extreme concerns about the ever-changing chemical changes to coolants and oil, as indicated in the May-June Early Bird. Ken Smizinski has identified the concerns at our recent tech session. The recent additional reduction in zinc containing oil is a problem. We should be using Accell Motor Oil or a ZDPP additive. Our thanks to Ken, for obtaining a large supply of Accell oil for our members. Ken also recommends using standard, regular green coolant from Auto-Zone. Never use extended life or any coolant with "oal" -only coolants with IAT inhibitors.

Hope to see everyone at the Top Golf event with our Baby 'Birds. Well, that is enough tech stuff for me.

Stay healthy and Drive Safely. - Prez Pete

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