Sunday, June 9, 2013

Director's Report- region 2

Greetings from the CTCI Board of Directors. I think I finally have all Region 2 Chapter addresses for e-mail, plus a few that I send via U.S. Mail.

I would like to share with you some CTCI info from our Annual Board Meeting held in February. CTCI finished the 2012 year strong with a very successful International Convention in Memphis, Tennessee last August. The event generated lots of publicity and the club store sold a significant amount of 50th anniversary merchandise. We ended the year with approximately 5700 members which is similar to last year. Jack Gray was hired as Managing Director last October and has proven to be a valuable asset. He has updated our accounting system, inventory, and policy and procedures manual. Several projects are in development that will relate to member recruitment and Chapter benefits. Unfortunately our 2012 budget ended in the red due mainly to increased personnel expenses and required some supplement from our savings. We also will be over budget for 2013 due to some needed capital improvements and computer replacements. Since most of our revenue is from membership dues a Board working committee to develop a strategy to increase membership was established. I am serving on that Committee. It is possible that a member dues increase will be needed in the future. The 2013 President of the Board is Bill Long, a retired Ford executive from Tennessee; Vice President is Geraldine Nuckels from Texas; Secretary is Sandra Hood from Texas; and Treasurer is Rick Martin from Tennessee. Watch for more CTCI involvement with our Chapters this coming year with a Chapter benefit program and a member recruitment program.

Two Regional Conventions are scheduled this summer. Region 3 will host a Convention in San Jose, CA July 31-August 4 and our Region, Region 2 will host a Convention in West Des Moines, IA. August 21-25 We hope many of you will attend one, especially our West Des Moines Convention. As of this report we do not have a club to host the 2014 Convention and if no club comes forward CTCI itself may need to sponsor the Convention. Many Classic Car Clubs have the national office develop and sponsor their Conventions but CTCI has always had local Chapters volunteer in the past.

One of my goals as your Region 2 Director is to attend one of your Chapter meetings over the next couple of years. A lofty goal at best, but if you would put me on your mailing list for your Chapter newsletters, or e-mail me a copy, I will review your meeting schedules and try to attend one. Also, please contact me with any thoughts or issues your Chapter may have, I really do want to actively represent our Region any way I can My contact info is in the Early Bird and also printed below. I also look forward to seeing many of you at one of the Regionals this summer.


Bob Young, 30196 Old Portland Road, Adel, IA 50003 . : (515) 229-3870

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