Friday, March 8, 2013

TECH Session Update

The topic for the Tech Session will be: Head Light Wire Replacements and Wire Loom Repair. Make sure to contact Bob to register.

Effective Late 2011 all oils including Shell Rotella T and Delco diesel
oil no longer has ZINC. Some have been adding ZDDP zinc additive, to a
quality motor oil. The problem with this is: with the new motor oils
the ZDDP changes the chemical makeup ot the motor oil and changing the
lubrication properties.

Zinc must be used in all engines pre 1988. The API service category
must be SF if you don't want to damage your cam shaft, and have
premature wear on your engine. For this reason I am going to offer the
Accel 10W-40 motor oil again. (this oil contains the required amount of
zinc). I will be taking prepaid order until April 14,2013 from club
members. The prepaid price of the Accel oil is $35 per case of 12.

Send checks to: Ken's Classics Inc.
157 Oaksbury Lane
Palatine,IL 60067

All checks must be received by April 14, 2013

Oil will be ready for pickup
by the 23rd of April.

If you have any questions call Ken (847) 397-3747

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