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CTCC History



The first organizational meeting of the Chicagoland group was held on August 28, 1961. The club was chartered as The Thunderbird Sports Car Club of Chicagoland (TSCCC) and the premier issue [Vol 1 No 1] of the Club newsletter BIRD-NEWS published in March of 1962.

In 1963 Chicagoland members caravanned to Dearborn, Michigan in 19 two-passenger Ford Thunderbirds. The Ford Motor Company extended the red-carpet for our visit, which turned out to be a truly magnificent Thunderbird Convention. This memorable event set the stage for the first International (CTCI) Convention, which was also held in Dearborn (1964).

In 1964 the Club name was revised to Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland thus eliminating the Sports Car designation and placing emphasis on the "Classic" features inherent in the 1955 1956 and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Over the years the Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland has hosted four (4) Sanctioned Regional Meets and one (1) International Convention:

1973 Birds Run to Pheasant Run (Regional)       1989 Windy City Classic (Regional)
1976 Birds Run to Pheasant Run II                    1995 Classic T-Bird Thoroughbred Classic (Regional)
1979 Birds Run to Pheasant Run li! (Regional}  2000 Chicago 2000 (International Convention)
1982 Birds Run to Pheasant Run IV
1986 Birds Run to Pheasant Run V

FOUNDING MEMBERS:  J.Aabey, B. Eisenhour, G. Holubek, A. Lupescu, B. Rengel,
                                              J. Washburn

 C. T. C. C. Past Presidents

1962 Arne Aabey                  1975-1976 Dick Schmidt               1992-1996 Ken Smizinski (4 yrs)
1962-1963 Ray Drehoble      1976-1977 Greg Fohrman             1996-1997 Jim Peterson
1963-1964 Paul Gaskill         1977-1978 Burt Simon                  1997-2000 Steve Frano (3 yrs)
1964-1965 John Alogna        1978-1979 Greg Fohrman             2000-2004 Len Keil (4 yrs)
1965-1966 Bert Eisenhour    1979-1980 Dennis Valy                 2004-2008 Ken Smizinski (5 yrs)
1966-1967 Ray Keegan       1980-1981 Annette Christy             2008-2009 Len Keil
1967-1968 Jerry Scafa         1981-1982 Gino Dal Cerro             2009-2010 Len Keil
1968-1969 Dave Owen        1982-1983 Pat Giffin                      2010-2011 Len Keil
1969-1970 Ken Kielar         1983-1984 Bruce Lieberthal           2011-2012 Pete Kramer
1970-1971 Art Lupescu       1984-1985 Bernie Stadick              2012-2013 Pete Kramer
1971-1972 Cleon Statton     1985-1988 Pat Giffin (3 yrs)
1972-1973 Floyd Moore      1988-1989 Ray Ponstein
1973-1974 Ray Levy            1989-1991 Pat Giffin (2 yrs)
1974-1975 Rudy Budach      1991-1992 Dan Mrozek

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