Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tachometer Cable Noise

Tachometer Cable Noise
By Gene Nelson

The Question-- All of a sudden my tachometer started to make a real loud whinning noise. It does increase and decrease with varying speed. Could it be that the drive cable needs lubrication? If so, which end can the cable be removed from, the distributor or the tach itself? Or does the head need rebuilding or replacing? Any info you can share will be helpful as always.

The Answer-- The best way to lubricate the tachometer cable (and the speedometer cable) is to remove the inner cable at the gage end. You can easily reach under the dash and turn the round retainer nut. this should only be finger tight. Once it is disconnected, move the cable end so it is between the dash and floor. The inner cable will come out easily. Pull it all the way out, wiping it off as you pull it out to remove the old lubrication. Be careful because the old black lube will get all over your carpet, upholstery and clothes. It will leave marks that are hard to remove. When you reinstall the cable put some cup grease in your hand and apply it as you slide the cable back into the jacket. When it is all the way in, rotate the cable to make sure it seats in the gear on the distributor end. Then slide the end back into the tachometer gage, hand tighten the nut and try it out.

The Results-- I did exactly what you suggested with the removal of the cable and cup grease and reinstalled it. I only got to test drive it for a half mile, but it sure was quiet. Much obliged. Bob

[Source credit- TARTC Newsletter, Dearborn, Michigan]

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