Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bling and 'Bird

Marylu Kramer

Once upon a time. long, long ago. I had a blossoming relationship with an out of town boyfriend --- we met in college. It was long distance, but it turned into a romance and we phoned and wrote often --- no email, Skype, I phone - as these were the days of yore! We eventually agreed on a visit and he told me he had a surprise and that it was shiny --- oh happy day --- yes indeed I immediate!y pictured the something shiny and on the tiny side.

I couldn't wait to see him, and after weeks of planning, he finally arrived --- it was shiny alright, and small --- he introduced me to his 1956 Ford Thunderbird --- and the color --- kind of a pea green. But I was happy to see him: the car (shiny) , albeit a bit small, was cute, I have to admit. It did turn heads as we spent the next few days sightseeing around Chicagoland.

With anticipation I thought the surprise was still forthcoming. My family wasn't too impressed with a suitor showing up in a Ford, as my Dad was a true Cadillac man! After a few days it was time for him to leave --- and nothing shiny came forth --- I was thinking of bling --- a ring --- a diamond. That was my idea of shiny. We said our good-byes and I finally blurted out in a hissy fit. "Do you mean to tell me that you bought a car instead of an engagement ring"? What kind of rational was that --- a car before a ring --- it was over, or so I thought.

It was soon to be Christmas and again, after a few months of phoning back and forth, he said he was coming out to see me for the holidays. I was eager to see him --- there he was pulling up in his family station wagon --- and I might add, again, a Ford. I meekly said, "Where is the cute little car?" (which I secretly did like). He SOLD the T-Bird and bought a ring --- oh happy day --- but the long distance between us did not kindle the romance --- he said to keep the ring! Youthful indiscretion and too much testosterone is a disastrous combination! We said good-bye.

Many years later I met the man of my dreams. And you know what --- this guy had a Ford Station Wagon and also a '66 T-Bird. I eventually told him about the previous suitor who bought a T-Bird instead of a ring. He totally understood why that first guy bought a car instead of some bling! Is this some kind of code among men and their love affairs with cars?

As a surprise, he managed to secretly hunt down a '56 T-Bird in Sage Green - exactly like the first one long ago - and he surprised me with it: we have had many laughs over my "girlish ideals". However, was this just a good reason to buy another 'Bird?--- that, I will never figure out!

Guess what --- I have the fairy tale ending --- I still heve the bling --- I have the car, the man of my dreams, and we did get married. The rest is history.

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