Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day At The Hangar

The 15th Annual Day at the Hangar could not have
had better weather. CTCC member Ken
Kresmery was the consummate host as he cooked
and handed out delicious corn on the cob while
also grilling yummy brats. Bob Hoge and Jerry
Peterson volunteered their skills as cookers during
the afternoon. The tables of food brought by
guests groaned under the weight of all of the
various salads, fruits and desserts. Jim Elijah's
chocolate cherry cake was gone in a flash as were
many of the other tasty dishes. Many CTCCers
drove one or more of Ken's classic cars around
the airport property and several people were
treated to Cessna rides. Ken said that it was the
largest gathering since he began hosting the affair.

CTCC accounted for 41 of the several hundred in
attendance. Those were Bill & Jane Balogh, Rudy
& Janet Budach, Jim Elijah, Gordon Gluff, Art
Hahl, Bob & Helen Hoge (with guests Jeff & Lori
Orland), Len & Mary Keil (with guests Toni, Allie &
Mike Salerno), Ken Kresmery (our Host), Dan
Mrozek & Judy Butler, Michelle Murphy, Jerry &
Pat Peterson (with guest Barb Hawes), Don
Roerkohl, Joe & Eileen Sant, Lloyd & Joan
Schellin, Jim Wilson and Bill & Liz Werth (with
their whole family - 4 adults & 6 kids). We had 7
little 'Birds which drew lots of attention, but were
not driven around the property except by their
owners. We thank Ken for a wonderful day full of
sunshine, friends, rides, corn, brats, drinks and
soft ice cream.
- Liz Werth

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