Saturday, September 4, 2010



THE HALE AND HEARTY TURNED OUT TO enjoy still another Club Picnic in the bucolic setting of Pratt's Wayne Woods in Wayne.

Undaunted by early morning overcast skies - and even rain in some areas - the brave and the restless turned the ignition keys in their classic, Retro, and Square 'Birds. The faithful, with few exceptions, chose to risk the chance of rain, providing everyone a view of the colorful line-up of cars that define Ford's finest styling!

The Burhops, Werths and Keils were on the scene early, in order to arrange - and re-arrange - the (heavy) Pavilion picnic tables. This group also set-up the food trays as the dishes-to-pass began to arrive. Of course, Bob and Marcy Burhop had long-since set-up a number of Red-on-White CTCC road signs directing members to the picnic site.

Our President, Len Keil, introduced our newer members who were in attendance: Lee and Gina Bakakos, Jerry and Doreen Michna (former members) and Joe and Eileen Sant. Also, it was good to see the Ficenecs, long time members, who make a special effort to come to our annual picnics.
Liquid refreshments were the order-of-the-day as the temperature (again) reached into the lower 90s.

With the food table neatly set with an abundance of side dishes, we awaited the arrival of our traditional entree - Pop-eye's Chicken! Ken and Len made the "pick-up" run, returning with tasty morsels at about 12:30 p.m. It was only a matter of a few minutes before the food lines formed, and the trays of chicken vanished almost as quickly as they had arrived! The wide assortment of the sides made the adventure-in-good-eating a 5-Star event!

On a personal note, a special Thanks to Mary Keil, who made 3-recipies of Paul Mount's 'prize-winning' cake!

Not surprisingly, our Lady-of~the~Beads -Annie Luginbill, presented each of the ladies with one of her colorful, custom-made necklaces.

Alice and Tom 'Lefty' Wolfe arrived, albeit a bit late, and we learned that Tom is in therapy as he recovers from recent rotator cuff surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery!

There was ample time for the usual T-Bird talk and engine compartment 'inspec­tions,' while a few members engaged in a Baggo Toss game that was provided by the Werths.

Looking skyward, some of our members observed circling aircraft from the Chicago Air and Water Show.

Thanks to Bob Sroka and Lee Bakakos, Matt Avery visited us to photograph the T-Bird lineup, with the owners standing alongside their 'Birds. Matt will incorpor­ate photos with his write-up on the CTCC event that will appear in the August 29th issue of the Daily Herald.

Finally, the clean-up crews swung into action, leaving the Pavilion in better con­dition than when we arrived! Thanks to the Keils, Werths and Burhops for their important contributions to the event's success.

Members who braved the summer heat: Lee & Gina Bakakos, Tom Bruin, Rudy & Janet Budach, Bob & Marcy Burhop, Bert & Jane Eisenhour, Pete & Lisa Ekstrom, Ed, Marlene & Mickey Ficenec, Joel Greenberg & Annie Luginbill, Bob & Helen Hoge, Larry Johnson & Sue Hommedieu, Len & Mary Keil, Larry Kelly, Joe & Sandy Kraatz, Marylu Kramer, Bud & Cindy Kryszak, Jerry & Doreen Michna, Mike & Christina Pavlak, Jerry and Pat Peterson, Doug Rogers, Joe & Eileen Sant, Ken & Kathy Smizinski, Bob Sroka, Bill & Liz Werth, Jim Wilson, Tom & Alice Wolfe and Kami Woody.
- Editor

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