Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Editors Notebook- April 2010

Bert Eisenhour

THE SIGHTING OF THE FIRST ROBIN - ON MARCH 9th - held promise for the early arrival of spring weather! These hopes were dashed by ... SNOW!

The story - and photos - covering the very successful Breakfast Meeting is featured on pg.3. We thank Jim Wilson and Liz Werth for the coverage.

Eagle-eyed readers will no doubt be interested in learning the correct identification of the racecar pictured on the cover of this month's issue. Stay tuned for the ANSWER next month.
The March Membership Meeting Election found Doug Rogers returning as a member of the Board. Thanks to Pete Ekstrom for his past service as a member of the CTCC Board of Directors.

Shade tree mechanics won't want to miss the CTCC Tech-Session set for Saturday, April 24th! See page for the complete schedule and make your RESERVATIONS with Bob Wenderski - today.

A second "T-Bird QUIZ" appears on page 7. This should prove to be an interesting challenge! (Thanks to Joe Kraatz for the item .)

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