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CTCI Board Meeting- Feb.5-6, 2010

CTCI Board Meeting (February 5-6, 2010)

Lin Somsak, Early Bird editor for 24 years, reported that in 2009 the use of color in the Early Bird was expanded and well received. Lin reported that she continues to get a good flow of quality photos for the cover. As always she is in need of technical articles. She requested clubs which have a color version of their logo, please send it to her for use in the magazine. Lin also reported that the Early Bird magazine has been awarded the Golden Quill Award from Old Cars Weekly for the eighth time.

Al Robinson reported that the website committee has selected one developer. Progress on the new website is going well and it should be up for use in a few months.

Rich Martin reported that there were no major changes made to the Concours Rules or Guidelines, and that all the minor adjustments from last year were now in place. The committee recommended that a position of Touring Judges Training Chairman be created to improve the consistency of Touring judging. Scoff McGilyray reported that the only change in the Authenticity rules is an updated document that now includes part numbers. Training Chairman Martin Bierman reported that there will be a few changes to the training slide show. Scoring Chairman, John Sailors, reported that the Scoring Program has been updated to better handle the cars being judged for the Preservation Award.

Office Manager George Barlow reported that a computer error caused the loss of several names from our mailing list late in 2009. Procedural and password changes have been made to prevent this from happening again.

George will be retiring in 18 to 24 months. The Board decided to train Office Assistant Jennifer Parker to be the Office Manager. George will continue, until his retirement, in the newly created position of Promotions Manager.

Treasurer Larry Kooiman reported that during 2009 we had income above expenses of $20,823. This was possible because of cost controls and diligence, and Managing Director Jim Hack's persistence with the State of California to get the club reclassified in the Workman's Compensation system. As a result we received a refund from the state.

Mickey Harris reported that the planning is well underway for the Region 4 convention being held in Glenn Ellen, VA in June of 2011. Martin Bierman presented a proposal from Chapter 65 in Omaha to host the Region 5 convention in Omaha in August of 2011. Their proposal meets all the requirements and was approved by the board.

Geraldine Nuckles reported that the call for entries for the Newsletter Contest was in the Jan-Feb Early Bird. She has entries from three clubs at this time. She also has four judges lined up for the contest. Due to lack of entries Martin Bierman recommended that the Board discontinue the Tech Article contest at least for one year.

There are four clubs competing for the Ford Johnson Memorial Award this year. Any one of the four could win it based upon their Thunderbird miles traveling to the International Convention in Dayton this summer.

Bill Somsak presented a paper indicating several things the club should be doing in the next 3 to 5 years. The key points are: Develop teams in various parts of the country to assist local clubs with putting on shows, encourage local clubs to have a contact person to keep CTCI updated with club information for the website and Early Bird, and develop a membership growth plan.

As reported last year, some historical data regarding the production of the early Thunderbirds has been discovered. Director John Smith was appointed to determine the best repository of that data and other historical data that the club owns.

The following officers were elected for 2010:
President- Martin Bierman
Vice President -Scoff McGilvray
Secretary- John Sailors
Treasurer- Larry Kooiman

Liz Werth -Director, CTCI Region 2

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