Sunday, March 21, 2010


Removing Glove Box Lock Assembly

The Glove box lock assembly should last for years without any reason to remove it for service. However, if the lock ever needs to be serviced for one reason or another, here are the steps to make it a breeze.

#1. Remove the glove box door. This consist of 3 screws for the hinge and 4 screws for the two glove box arms.

#2. Remove the 6 screws that attach the glove box to the dash. After these screws are removed and with the arms pulled out in the open position, remove the box by working it slowly to the left being careful not to force or damage the fiberboard.

#3. Reach through the glove box opening and feel for the 2 Phillip screws (one on each side of lock assembly). With a short stubby Phillips screwdriver remove these two screws, and the assembly can now be removed for service.

Dave Tulowitzky
SOURCE: Trail Bird News - January 2010

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