Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can You Name This Car?


For the past year, a one-of-a-kind 1960's concept car has been making its way around the car show scene and finally its time for the owner and builder of "Thunderflite" to let it become piece of someone else's collection.

The idea of the Thunderflite came from famous car builder Dean "Dino" Arnold and his late wife Suzie after doodling on a napkin one night after dinner. As the concept developed, Dino called in Don Johnson, who he had worked with on past projects, to do the final concept designs and he would build it.

The work began and the result is a rare, museum quality piece. Who ever the next owner may be he/she will be able to call a piece of history his/hers. The body is extreme custom fabrication with a removed roof, custom fins and double bubbletop.The paint is chrome effects made by the prestigious House of Kolor and put on by Dino. The engine is a chromed 302V8 engine with red metalflake accents and Koolflex hoses. Some more details of the car include: an independent 1994 SHO Thunderbird rear end, custom fiberglass circa 1960 with Autometer St. Rod gauges, dashboard, factory 1960 T-Bird taillights, custom red vinyl seats and much more.

* If you studied the Mystery Photo that appeared on page 3 of the June issue of BIRD-NEWS, [CAN YOU NAME THIS CAR?] a clue - the familiar design of the emblem or the tail lamp treatment - may have suggested Thunderbird---- As you can see, the sleek, futuristic exercise is indeed tagged: Thunderflite.

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